Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fun with Photos

I had a blast doing this effects on photos. I love taking photos of my family and anything that interests me and I am so glad I have found where you can manipulate your pictures and make it looks like something different like a billboard or something.

So if you are into a photo fun, visit this site and I am sure that you will enjoy it. To start the photofun, all you have to do is choose a design then upload your own photo. Or if you want to make somebody smile for a day, upload a photo of them and put it in a funny design. I am sure you will paint a smile on their face.

Check out this photofunia I have created, it's fun and very easy to do. There's a lot of design that you can choose too. They add different designs everyday, so you get new photo effect everyday. I love this website really.
Funny PicturesFunny PicturesFunny Pictures
Funny Pictures
So you want to have fun with your pictures too? Just hop on and start designing your photos and show it in your blog or website. You don't have to be a computer savvy, the instuction is very easy and its as easy as one two three.


  1. I like the way you did your photos, it's too cute..

  2. What fun! Your photos are great. thanks for sharing the site. I'll go check it out. laurie

  3. Hey that's cute. Having the photos of John and Rylie posted on billboards in public places is real fun indeed. You can do anything with your photos even putting them at the front page of a popular newspaper or magazine. Neat huh? Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. i like the first one. parang totoo.

  5. wow cool!!! i would definitely try that haha nice!

    anyways sis, hope u could join me again at i love pink meme

  6. We're glad we came across your post.
    thanks for sharing :)


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