Thursday, January 14, 2010

Santa is Roaming Around

Christmas isn't over yet. We received a Christmas gift from the Kinder family yesterday. My daughter was so excited opening it. I am so happy that we got a new rice cooker because the one we got is getting old. Now I have a reserve one just in case the old one break down. Thanks a lot Ate Agnes, May God bless you guys with your kindness and loving hearts. Ate Agnes is one of EJ's godmother when he was baptized.
Thanks also to Bambie of Azumi for the beautiful card and table calendar we received today all the way from Japan. I am so touched and feels so lucky to have great friends around the world.

Since I am talking about free stuff I received, I also received a free download offer for the protection of our computers. If you guys need one, just download free Virus protection online. See Santa Claus is still roaming around distributing the gifts that is left in his wagon or carriage. You might be surprised to get one today.


  1. wow galing naman! may gifts pa kahit tapos na ang pasko..

  2. hmmm...ako kaya makatanggap pa?

  3. Thank you so much for your faithful visits, I am always happy to hear from you. I have been gone or busy with company so my visiting is behind. Things should be calming down now.

    I scrolled down to your Weds. post and the icicles are impressive. We still have very cold weather here in the NC mountains.

    Your photo fun is very interesting. I so need to learn more about my computer and the things I can do with photos. I love what you did.

    It is great to still be getting Santa gifts. Your rice cooker is a very nice gift. It all looks like you had a very happy day with more gifts to open. Go Santa.

    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  4. Tell Santa bading to go straight to pittsburgh because i am waiting for my presents lol

    Natawa ako sa comments dun sa ibaba ahh, haay bakit naman kasi hindi binasa at pinindot and links, ayon mali mali lol.

  5. A very useful Christmas present. Some very thoughtful friends you have.

  6. wow, christmas pa talaga.. dapat siguro di ko inalis muna christmas tree dito baka dadaan pa Santa. hihi.. wow, mabait naman talaga ni santa.. dami gifts.. :)


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