Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finally Meet Someone

We went to Pittsburgh yesterday to buy some asian goodies at the oriental store and part of my plan was to see one of pretty momma blogger and friend Bakla. Yey, I finally met somebody in person hehehe. Thanks Bakla for having me in your home. Sorry if I disturb your night hahaha. Bellow are asome photos. We didn't get to take much photos because I was in a hurry. It was a little late when I finally got done with the shopping so our meeting was just short.
Shy is very nice. Shy nga sya in person hahaha. I wasn't able to play with your beautiful angels but I am glad that you are coming over this Sunday (fingers crossed pa din lol). Sorry guy, I won't be able to do any bloghopping till next week, there is so much going on at our end. Goodnight!


  1. It's always nice to meet a blogger friend. :)

  2. oh, wow, i read about this post in shy's blog.. You're an amazing and thoughtful lady..
    i know it will be a very busy day for you as a mom.. take your time and enjoy..and happy birthday to EJ...mwaaah..

  3. WWeeee!!!Nagkita na kayo ni Mommy Tsang!!That's great,Ate Rose!!How I wish malapit lang ang Japan sa USA--gamitin ko na lang magic walis ko lol!!^_^

    Happy Saturday,Ate Rose!!

  4. wow naman.. lol im glad u finally met.. sana ako din.. parang wala sa mukha ni bakla (feeling close lol) na shy sya.. kaya pala shydub no, pero siguro sa una lang shy hehehe

  5. Cute naman ng mga babies. Nice to know you met her personally na.

    Have a good weekend!

  6. haven't met a blogger friend. sana i can meet one soon.

    happy birthday to ej!

  7. Nakakapagpataba ng puso ang ginawa mo Rose. Biruin mo nag wihsful thinking lang si Shy na sana dalhan siya nang present nang kaibigan niyang (toot, toot, hindi masikmurang idescribe kayo nang ganun, lol). Pumunta ka all the way from West Virginia to Piitsburg to see her. How wonderful you are. Mas lalo ko kayong nakikilalang magkukumare ay mas lalo akong nao awestruck sa inyo. Talagang very close kayo sa isa't isa at nagmamahalan. Yan siguro ang strength nanag mga Filipinang expatriates sa ibang bansa. They bond together into a closely knit community even if they are literally hundreds of miles apart. God bless you more for your act of kindness and thoughtfulness. Thank you so much for this feel good and happy post. God bless you all always mga (toot..toot), lol.

  8. maganda talaga pag-magkita sa personal...keep the frienship and keep blogging..

  9. I would also love to meet other blogger friends here in the Philippines :)

  10. Hi bading just visiting your blog para makabawi sa absent hehehe. shy naman talaga ako waaaaaaaaaa.

    Anyway, thanks for being such a great friend, for taking time to stop at my dungeon and for inviting me in EJ party. I had great super wonderful time bading, ganda ng bahay nyo at bait ng family mo. pwedi magpaadopt kaming tatlo / hehehe just kidding.

    Send me some of the pics bading, sayang forgot my cam, wangtigs na talaga.


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