Friday, October 16, 2009

Strolling at different Malls

Hi there everyone. another exciting episode of our Mommy Moment Mania. This week's theme is "A day at the Mall". I found it hard to dig in my archives actually hehehe, di ko na matandaan sa dami kasi. Nyahahaha those alibis..
mommy moments
This was taken last July at the City7 Mall in Changwon.
At Home Plus in Chinhae (june 2009)
At Lotte Mart (September 2009)
This was in Glorietta 4 - Manila (March 2009)

Hubster with my dearest Mama!
Rye with my brother Nick.
They had so much with these.
This was taken in Gaisano Mall in Legazpi last March of this year.
These were taken last year when we went to the BX in Daegu. Here's EJ having fun time with his ornery looks.
This was taken when we were at the furniture store.. he found this lava lamp and he liked it so much that he didn't wanna take his eyes off of it..

These were taken in December 2007 at Fort Steubenville mall in Ohio.

This was taken in December of 2005 at Robinson Mall in Pennsylvania.

Hey Dad, wait, we're not ready yet..
Okay take two... Yipppppeeee..
At last, Natapos din hehehe...


  1. Hello there guys, wishing you a great weekend. Just want to ask a favor once again to vote for my little darling in the smile contest. If you have casted your vote already, thank you!

    For those who has not yet and would like or willing to vote for my daughter's smile, please click the link at my sidebar.. Mwah, mwah, thanks a bunch!

  2. Napakagaganda naman ng photos ninyo. Nakakaaliw talaga lalo na yung series of pictures ni EJ. Para na tuloy video ang dating kulang na lang ng audio, hehehe, lol. Your kids really enjoyed bonding with you and John. Very privileged sila na magkaroon ng magulang na tulad ninyo. Sa dami ng photos ninyo makagagawa na kayo ng isang movie nyan, hehehe, lol. May the Lord bless you all always.

  3. ang daming pictures ah hehehe I enjoyed it a lot btw girl up pa ba ung voting nyo kay rylie, i post ko sana sa blog ko.. nd ko namakita dito eh

  4. Weeee!!!Ang daming mall activities ang family nyo!!I had fun looking at EJ's ornery looks!!I just love your kids face expressions!!

    Enjoy your weekend,Ate Rose!!^_^

  5. You have lots of Mall tours sis. That is so fun for the kids.. They love it surely.

    Rylie is very pretty, as well as your boy..

  6. you've got it all mommy rose parang SM..:)
    i love EJ's photo here. so cute in all his smiles... mwwaaaaahhh..

  7. waaaaaaaa...super dami naman ng pics nyo sa mall sis...buti pa kau jan....almost every weekend kayong nag momalling eh.....

    dito kasi fanget ng malls....tsaka mahal pa...kaya d kami nag strolling sa malls dito....

    mas bongga kasi yung mall natin sa pinas.....hehehe...

    thanks for sharing!

  8. Fun collection of photos in the mall! I love the first photo of your girl and the last photos of your boy. Cute!

    My MM entry is here.

  9. wow dami pics ah..

    and looks like you all had fun!

    yung sa legaspi, sa gaisano ba yan? first time ko nakapunta jan nung umuwi kmi last july..hehe

  10. Cute ni EJ! I would always ride those big stuffed toys. I don't really know they're called... its fun!

  11. Ang sarap kargahin ni Rylie. Aliw na aliw ako sa mga facial expressions ni EJ. Ang mention mo, sis ng Gaisano nakakamiss ng Pinas. I've been to Glorietta just once.

  12. hehehe ang cute naman ni EJ sa pic niya... meron din palang Robinson sa penn?

  13. Wow so many malls. Looks like a blast mall adventures. Btw, done voting for your daughter, good luck :)

  14. Such a NICE family...Just added you in my links hope you do to with my blog...Already voted your baby Rylie hope she`ll win...

  15. Malling around the world ah! Cute ng mga photos ng kids mo, nakakaaliw tingnan. :)

  16. hahaha malakwatsa nga kayo sis.. thanks for viewing mine! voted na rin :)

  17. so many mall pics! mall rats nga yung kiddies mo! :D

  18. waaaahh,, enjoyed your pix dear..taga saan ka sa pinas?

  19. Hehehe, andaming pictures, lakwatsera talaga kayong lahat, inggit ako! Daming places nyong napupuntahan, how I wish that my husband is like that. Tamad kasi yun, kaasar.Manood ng movies ang kanyang hobby. Grrr!!!

    Great photos Rose, as always, you took us touring all over the place.

  20. i miss Glorietta. haven't been there in a year maybe?

    mine’s up too. thanks!

  21. champion sa malling ang family ni mami rose!

    naku wag ka maniwala ni mami dhemz... kuripot lang yon wahehehehe

    great pics... i love the series of ej... grabi ang cute...

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  22. haheehe! saya tingnan mga pics oi! nice strolling talaga!

    good day! and happy MM!

  23. Cool, thanks for sharing the pictures.

  24. Its like a virtual tour of a lot of malls. Lots of good memories here. Happy MM!

  25. Bumabaha na naman dito lovely photos of the cottrills wonderful dous chubskulit hehe. Bakla parang nalibut nyo nyo mall nga buong world hehe biro lng. Ang laki nman ng mall dyan sa korea, lumiit bigla si Ryelie sa laki. Ang cute ng pics ni EJ, iba iba facial expression hehe. Love your family pictures as always bakla. Sorry madilim na nakadalaw ang baklang karag karag sa katandaan, super duper busy, sakit a ng likod ko, nytnyt muna ako bakla, bukas nlng ako bisita sa iba mong mansiones okies? kisses sa cute na mga chikiting at sa mommy na sexy.mmwah!

  26. Rose, daming pictures dito puro magaganda, ang fave ko yung kay ej where he was making faces, so cute!

  27. wow momi rose, peekture overload nga- you've been everywhere, hahaha.

    EJ looks so cute in his pics, he's got contagious smile.

    happy mm and till next week.

  28. ha!ha!ang dami ngang pix pero nagenjoy naman ako.

  29. Wow! So many wonderful and fun trips to different malls! Thanks for sharing!

  30. so aliw talaga ng mga larawan nyo heheh... i know you still have more shopping photos in your archives lol

  31. Ang cute ni EJ at ni Jillian talaga, nakakatuwang tingnan mga pics nila.

    I already voted for Jillian, leading sya, sana manalo. :)

  32. aww!!! malakwatsa nga talaga kayo mommy rose.. hehehe... daming pics! and i believe you have a lot more to share.. LOL

    I noticed your Jillian's pic in Gaisano Mall Legazpi.. that is one unforgettable mall ever for me and my family.. nakaaway namin ang mga guards.. haha!!! ok i'll kwento.. hehe..

    we were just taking pics of alyssa inside the mall as it was her 1st time there because we went to hubby's hometown-masbate and had a stopped over before our flight to manila.. then someone (he said he was the supervisor of the mall) harassed us - he mostly grabbed my bro-in-law's camera and shouted at us that we are NOT allowed to take pics inside the mall. We were shocked so we said sorry. then in another place (a palyhouse inside the mall as well), we asked the person there if we are allowed to take pics, just with alyssa inside the playhouse and she said there's no prob.. another guard came and told us again that we are not allowed there either.. OH MY! there, hubby and I lost our tempers and answered them back. We told them that if there's such policy, it must be posted all over the mall.. and that they act as if they are more than Ayala or SM malls.. and they don't even know how to approach their customers.. my goodness!!!

    HAHAHA!!! well.. ayan uminit nanaman ulo ko.. LMAO!!!

    hope to see your MM again this Friday, mommy rose.. mwuah!

  33. Aww, this is fun !!! na loka ako sa dami ng adventures nyo mommy Rose... I love looking at your pictures. Your kids are adorable talaga...

  34. Sobrang dami ng mall trip natin ah.I enjoyed looking at these photos ang saya sayang tingnan.


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