Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shipping our car

We will be shipping our car on the first week of November going back to West Virginia. If it does not arrive before we get there, my husband has to use our truck when he process out in Pittsburgh. We bought our F150 truck from an online source that sells used cars.
Finding a vehicle to buy is getting easier because of online sources like This website tackle everything that has to do with cars. With their car reviews, you will be able to get a guide and information about the next vehicle that you want to purchase. So if you are planning to buy or lease a vehicle, visit the above mentioned site because you won't be disappointed.


  1. going going na talaga ah Rose... oo agree ako diyan madali lang bumili or magbenta ng car tingin tingin lang sa online and then ring sa dealer... ganyan din namin nabenta mom in law ko na car nya eh... and my current car too was from online seller..

  2. i'm excited and happy for you and your family to be back home in West Virginia..


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