Monday, October 5, 2009

Exploring the town

It is chuseok celebration (Korean's Thanksgiving) here so we decided to walk around the town because they said that during this holiday, traffic is heavy. But to our surprise the town is very quiet hehehe. I think people went to church or cemetery and most of the business establishments were closed. But anyhow, we walk for about an hour just cutting through one street to another. This is my pixel bug entry.

The queen bee under the petunias hehehe.
This is a place where they hold presentations and stuff.
My husband is fascinated how little this truck is hehehe. You won't see this size in the States.
I gotta have my share of a little vehicle, here is a matiz.
My husband took this picture. He love how it looks... a man relaxes on a bench reading a newspaper. He said that it looks like some kind of a magazine cover.
A statue of sailors.
The building on top of the mountain. We did not go up because we have the double stroller with us.
Just a signage with 50% off sign in it hehehe.
This is how their church look like.
The train station going to Masan.
I think they uses these jars in fermenting the kimchees.
I love this plant with vibrant colors, I dunno what the name of the plant is.. do you?
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  1. nice the way, i got a tag for you. pls grab it at my site. thanks so much.

  2. nice place..i like to stroll in a place like that, beautiful, clean and quiet.

    you always look great, Rose.

    take care

  3. i loved your pics! it was like i was there too... :D how long will you be there pa?

  4. Ang alam ko that plant is a Mayana maraming varieties yan dito iba-ibang kulay c: and oo maganda nga sya that is why my dad made a garden with varieties of that plant din doon c:

    Anyway, it looks fun to walk around town like that c; parang nakapasyal na din ako dail sa pagtingin sa pics nyo c:

    Mare thanx pla for those encouraging words and for lifting my spirits c: I really thank the lord for our friendship c: really means a lot to me c: thanx again c:

  5. thanks for the quick tour least nag enjoy kau strolling around....buti kau nakalabas...kami nasa loob!

  6. I visit Korea twice but I'd never been into these places before,feel ko nag tour ako ulit dyan eh.Thank you always for sharing us wonderful photos of your family while living in Korea & I love all the photos in here specially the church very unique.

  7. looks like a ncie place to explore, love the sceneries hehehe ang liit ng truck ah maliliit ba mga tao diyan?

  8. all the while sis i was thinking you're in the US lol... mayana rin ang alam ko sa plant na yan. there was a time my mother went crazy over those plants. i like your pic with the blooming flowers near your head.

    P.S. join na sa OWM. click the link on my sidebar. i think entries for this week are still up. or you can join next week. the hosts are pinays: one in Iligan and the other in CA. they'll be glad to have you there :)

  9. You are very slim and sexy in your picture. Natanggal na yung excess poundage mo nung magbakasyon kayo sa Pilipinas. John must be so proud of you. The photos are all fantastic. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. God bless you always.

  10. So that's what chuseok means :D

    Looks like you enjoyed your walk :)

  11. Thank you so much for sharing! I always love my mini vacation. And you looked so cute next to the flowers!

  12. Nice place and very relaxing ang views I like it :p

  13. Looks like another enjoyable weekend for your family.

    The place looks like a nice place to stroll...

  14. wow Happy weekends as always.. lubos lubusin na ang pagpasyal dahil lapit na kayo umuwi. I think im loving korea, dami ko kasi nice photos na nasha-share, so parang nalilibot ko na rin.. thanks for sharing you happy weekends with us. ang cute ng double stroller.

  15. Madam I was like touring around korea ang ganda ng pics mo girl, at saka very informative nice

  16. Nice place to explore,Ate Rose!!Sobrang ganda at kahit na ilang beses ko pa sinasabi that I'm loving Korea!sasabihin ko pa rin!!\(^0^)/

  17. So much pictures and they are all beautiful. Building on top of the mountain, yaw ko nga punta dun, baka gumuho wahhh, takot ako sa heights.. Ang sipag nyong mamasyal, asawa ko tamad mag drive kapag weekend. Pahinga daw niya yun, buhuhuhu!!

    You have all those treasured photos and the memories, that when you come back here in the USA, you can cherish...Great job..

  18. hello there... thanks for the note you left on my blog....

    i really love korea... one of the places i would like to visit...

  19. spent our weekend at home.. wow, seems like you're really enjoying every weekend there.. Nice photos especially the first one, what a beautiful smile!

  20. ang gaganda ng mga photos..parang sarap pumunta jan..hehe

    yong alst pic, parnag kamag anak ng tinatawag nila dito na San Francisco..walang bulaklak at puro colored leaves lang

  21. ganda ng place, so neat and clean. when pa kaya maging ganyan ang pinas? lol.

  22. Its been a while since you were there-2009? It does look like you had a relaxing vacation there. Your pics are gorgeous and I love those mini trucks and cars!


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