Monday, October 5, 2009

Showered with Baby Powder

I was looking for my son the other day because I saw him grunting before he disappeared. He always hide whenever he wants to go poop. When I finally found him, he was holding the baby powder and he poured it all over his head, wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
He said "I smelled good!" what can I do but give him lots of kisses because he smelled so good, although its a bit different odor "down there" lol.


  1. weee oi ang laki na ni ej!! lalong pogi na tuloy!! weeeeeh

    anyways mare i have a tag for you! have a nice day!

    mwah mwah

  2. hehehe he's just being boyish, or maybe he's trying to clean himself up

  3. he he he ... kids, you gotta love 'em! lol

  4. ang pogi na nya lalo Rose..hehehe..and laki na nya..

    mahilig ka pala sa kutsinta Rose? hehe sorry kung na display ko yong pic ng kutsinta hahaha.

    about sa word verification, di ko alam kung bakit di lumabas baka nag kataon lang hehe.

    TY sa visit.

  5. c nicole ate ganyan haha nagtatago xa kaso minsan hinahawakan nya popo nya sabay sabi sa akin yak ha ha grabe c nicole pag may ginagawang kalokohan dimo din makikita ang anak ko parang lalaki hi hi

  6. after mag poop cguro sabi am stink kaya kinuha yung powder ha ha

  7. hahhaha! kids really makes our day happy! heheh...

    good day!

  8. Ginawa bang pabango ang baby powder?
    Kahit di mabango, gwaping naman e!

  9. So cute!!! For sure after the baby powder shower hindi lang kiss ang ginawa ni mommy mega sa big hug pa.

    happy weekend :p

  10. hahaha reminds me of my youngest too rose. he was so scared to poop that he hides somewhere until he has it in his pants.

  11. Ahaha!!Kung hindi pa sya bumnago nyan ewan ko na lang:D
    Lumalaki lalong pumopogi(giggle)

  12. hahahahaa!!kids talaga oo!!\(^0^)/

  13. Hehehe, he is the same way with Alexandra, when Lola changes her diaper, she would grab the baby powder and pour it on her head, and all over, and she would say, " smell good" in her own language of course..Hehehe!


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