Thursday, September 3, 2009

Family bonding on weekend

We spent our Saturday bonding at our favorite beach here in Chinhae. We dropped by at this station and look around. It is neat how they make this because the materials we are stepping on goes with the motion of the water. So you are like in a big ship hehehe..

The beautiful daisies in bloom!

I tried this elliptical to have my min9 exercise. Korean's really take care of their people. They want everyone to be healthy, so even in the park, you will find exercise stuff you could use.

My son got tired of walking and wanted to ride the stroller hehehe..

Our daughter was fascinated with the variety of colors of the daisy..

Her favorite one.

trying her modeling walk lol..

Very clean surrounding isn't it?

Our princess took this pic while she's laying down on one of the kiosk.

She even photographed my not-so-attractive legs lol..

There's a lot of this kiosk in there where you can relax or have a picnic.

It's cheezy time lol.. Taken by our daughter..

it's hug moment with our daughter..

It is great to bond with your family in a very relaxing place like this.

the serious little guy...

Even the restrooms are fancy... This is why Koreans are very proud of their country, especially their culture.

How I wish, its like this in the Philippines too..

How about you guys, how was your weekend?


  1. Have a great week ahead guys, thanks for visiting and for sharing your valuable thoughts!

  2. very nice place... btw, bagay na bagay ang hat kay rylie

  3. wow, nakakapa-wow ang post mo.galing ng mga shots and your princess ha, she's so charming and smart talaga.. you're little guy, seryoso nga. so cute... and your picture together, wow so cheesy..

  4. aba nang inggit cla oh ganda nman yung floor sa may tubig, taposn danda danda ng mga flowers at mga posing jan.

  5. ang boy kamukang kamuka ng daddy, and your daughter is just so adorable, very pretty... lovely fmaily

  6. wow, you have such cute kids..thanks for the visit, i've added you blog to my list and followed you blog, hope you could add me up too..

  7. I love your family bonding bakla and sexy natin ngayon ahhh. anong sexreto mo bakla, nag dadiet ka or nag gym or talagang natural yan. sana maging ganyan din wangkata ko para may kunting glamour naman beaty ko hehehe. Anyway, nawala na akiez sa topic dito. Very nice and clean talaga ang korea ano, ang daming mapapasyalan. love the pics tsang parang iniimagine ko na nandyan ako ngayon sa korea waaaaa baklang bakla talaga. hala sya sya ako naman matutulog ngayon bakla very tired and exhaust

  8. another bonding moment with the family huh? so nice!

    thank u for the greeetings, sis! mwahugs!

  9. I love Rylie's pic where she was holding the flower.. I am conscious with my pig-neck lol..

  10. naloka naman ako doon sis sa paa mo, pati ba yun kinunan ? hahahahaha

  11. Beautiful weekends, beautiful family, beautiful daughter, handsome son at beautiful place in Korea. You are blessed.

  12. oh wow.. your kids are gorgeous! :-)

    thank you for visiting my blog.

  13. Nice Place huh! Thank you for sharing.

    I have a new domain mommy, kindly update Online Mommy's Corner link to I also subscribe to your rss so I will be updated of your every post. Thanks

  14. Looks like you had another fun, family, day. I enjoyed your pictures, especially the flowers. I think your son looks a lot like his dad. Thank you for coming by, have a great week.

  15. hello....thanks sa pagdalaw...oks nman....

    nice place pala ang location mo dyan...sarap mamasyal eh.pero parang mag walk-a-ton na sa lawak ng area. hehe tag-tag taba ko dyan ...haha

    regards to your hubby , hugs&kisses for you and kids...take care.

  16. ganda naman ng weekend nyo sis....samin was! hehehehhe....:)

    honga pala sis, how come dka maka left ng comment...I tried it many many time...wala akong problem to leave a comment on my kusina....I wonder why kaya ano....:)

    have visited all your hop muna ako mamaya...after blog! mwah!

  17. Hi Rose! Your place is super peaceful! Yeah, like you, I am wishing our dear Philippines could be like Korea too! I just wonder why too many Koreans are flocking here when Korea is much beautiful than Phils. We see them here, everywhere we go. I'm afraid Phils. would be another Korean country with too many of them invading.

    Rose, thanks so much for the frequent visits. Also with hubby's site. Luv yah! Mwah!

  18. the place looks amazing Mommy Rose..a great place to relax and spend time with family..Korea is a very nice country indeed..

  19. I love Korea already after you posted a lot of beautiful places around Korea!!

    Don't ask about my weekend--hayzz!!Ayoko ng magkasakit lol!!!

  20. nice place to spend great time with family and you took great pictures.i love the daisies too..super ganda ng kulay..

    hugs to the kids

  21. hi Rose, nice photos and a place is really cool. hope to see you around

  22. how i wish din ganyan kalinis mga cr sa pinas.. buti pa mga cr sa ibang bansa, sarap tumambay..

    well nakita ko na naman ang happy and goodlooking family. Nice photos.. yan pala ang daisy, cosmos kasi yung tawag dito. Anyway, i always love looking at your family pictures..

  23. Hello Rose...ang ganda naman ng place na yan..hehhe

    Thanks for the comments...

  24. hi! thanks po for following! gonna do the same also.. i enjoyed this post. such a great family and lovely kids!! oh can i also call you "tita"?! hehe.. great day to you! =)

  25. Korea is a very clean place. All the people would take home and dispose their own rubbish, therefore quite hard to find rubbish bins in town! Amazing!

  26. daan din tong kusina ko dito sis...mwah!


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