Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mom, can I blog too?

I was busy writing a review yesterday and my daughter kept strumming my love handle. So I asked her what she wanted and she said "Can I blog too, Mom?" I told her that she can when she's old enough hehehe. This blogging is addictive and contagious. I let her use the computer for a bit while I was cooking.

To get her mind off from blogging, I asked her to pose for a photo shoot for me. So she did and here she is .
Have a blessed Wednesday everyone!


  1. Ang galing mag pose ng anak mo rose, ay nku kailangan talaga bantayan yan ng daddy like a hawk paglaki heheheh.

    Natatawa ako sa message mo sa cbox ko, nagbibisaya ang babae hehehe, fast learner lol. nyt nyt na me mommyrose, hugs ang kisses to your chubskulit

  2. Ang cute naman! My kitty kat wants to be a blogger too! Very funny cause she sits in front of the monitor while my daughter (she's 25 and a blogger, too) tinkers her keyboard! Thanks for your visit, and I appreciate your comments.

  3. cute naman ng story at ng poses! Whenever I took shots of Gabby and Sunday, Gabby always asks naman kung ilalagay ko daw ba sa blog ko ung poses nila. Hehehe, ktuwa di ba? They share na din our passion for blogging! :0

  4. She a cutie for sure! :)

  5. Momi Rose, tnx sa visit mo. Ang cute ng anak mo ate, sabihin mo galingan nya mag blog ha? Turuan nya ako heheh! Anyway i follow u too here na. I- add na din kita ate paki add naman fashion ko.

  6. si yena gusto ko rin magblog someday so she can have her own money and learn how to keep them.. dpat malaman nia kakanosebleed magblog at hindi madali :)

    am sure magiging blogging friends sila ng mga kiddos mo hahaha

  7. she is a cutie. How are you guys! :) our kids tend to do the things we do. they are sure born curious. hehehehe...

  8. Your little girl is adorable!!! By the way, I have a nice tag for you.

  9. Si mommy ayaw may kompetinsya sa blogging waaaa. tsang thanks nga pala for informing me, whew! naka pr1 nga ang worths road ko. pero yung simple happylife ko hindi na nabalik ang pr hehehehe. cge mommy tulog ka na dyan, punasan mo laway dahil tumutulo hehehe joke joke. nyt nyt guys, sweet dreams

  10. hahhaha...kikay na kikay talaga si Rye....:)

  11. You can make a blog for her. You can do the posting and you can ask her what she wants to post. You can collect a lot of cartoon wallpapers, gifs, cartoon and kiddie videos and your family pictures for her blog. I used to do that to my youngest daughter before I developed 10 blogs. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  12. ang cute ng baby mo...yes same as my daughter she wants also to be like me.hahahha...totoo yun sis addictive talaga and super contagious..hahahhah

    tnx for following...follow na din ako at add up na rin kta...

  13. oi pakisabi kay john am sorry.. lam mo nmn ako mare minsan lng mkpag update ng lists ko! hehehe. tgal ko na dpat sya naadd nkkalimutan ko n lng :)

    medyo mahina bagyo sa cavite.. am back to work now.. pero sobrang trapik mare nakupo! haay

    musta kau jan?

  14. Momi Rose, pede na u mag leave ng comment na ayos ko na. hehe! musta here regards to your cute baby.

  15. I wish I could hug her. Rye is so cute!


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