Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birthdays with the Whalesharks Part 2

After we ate, we headed for the water and looked for the butanding. The people from our place did not go with us on the boat because they already seen the butandings but some of our guests from Legazpi went with us. Our initial intention was for John to be the only one to swim with the Butanding but he encouraged others to follow. Too bad we didn't have a waterproof camera or you could have seen what we seen in the water that day. The surface shots of the Butanding when it approached the boat do not do justice to the size of this immense creature. Seeing it underwater is a completely different experience.
A pose with haide after we swam with the butanding.
A perfect smile from my angel and knight..
Here's the Butanding near our boat. It's just the tail, its actually very long and big..
This is Rylie's foot print in the sand.

When we came back to the shore (after butanding watch/swim) we all went for a dip.
With Lina and Jaucian Family.

The next set of pictures were taken at our place in Magaragad... The shore isn't as clean as the resort beach where we had the party but the water is pretty clean. With my siblings and nieces.
So there you go friends... The beauty of Donsol, Sorsogon, Philippines. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Originally published on April 11, 2009.


  1. I'm sure, you had a wonderful time.

    Your post tempting me to visit Philippines.

  2. Wow! What a nice experience swimming with the butandings! Ang saya saya naman!

  3. i've never been to sorsogon before. it looks really inviting ;-)

  4. hi.. i gave and tagged u an award..pls visit my blog to get this award..happy easter

  5. happy moments..sarap ng vacation Rose.

  6. Wow happy together... Enjoy and take care.. Done adding...hope you will do the same...ty

  7. Wow, ang sarap nman ng tubig...summer na summer talaga...

    I got tag for u pala te.....hope u can grab it

  8. Na missed ko na talaga ang dagat. Ganda tingnan nang little cutiepie mo nag swimming2x hehe.

  9. ang ganda the boat ride...I saw the the butanding not harmful? kakatakot naman...hehehhe...baka kainin tayo...hehhehe...joke!

    thanks for sharing the town of Donsol...very were loving the water....:)

  10. wow super enjoy kayo mare ha!! happy birthday!! :)

  11. Nakaka-miss talaga ang Pinas lalo na kapag may nakikita kang beach!!Ang saya-sayang tingnan ng mga bata!!enjoy na enjoy sila!!

  12. You should visit there Jarlin, it's cheap to have a vacation in the Philippines.

  13. Oo nga ate weng, kung pupuwede nga lang bakasyon lang tayo ng bakasyon eh, kaso magastos hehehe..

  14. Hi Jenny, thanks for visiting and for adding me in ur list..

  15. Thanks Manang Kim, oo nga kakamiss noh...

  16. Hi dhemz, actually butanduing are very friendly... They are harmless kaya nga pwede ka magswimming with them..

  17. Thanks mareng Niko, nagenjoy nga kami masyado hehehe..

  18. Thanks Rizza, lalo na tong mga bulilit ko, naku super inlove sa dagat.. ako di masyado at ayokong masunog na naman hehehe..

  19. We've been to Bicol but didn't reach Sorsogon. Ganda pala dun 'no?

    Kakainggit naman kayo, you've seen a butanding!

  20. wow dangz na miss ko tuloy ang dagat sa Bohol... ganda magbkasyon pminsan-minsan ano... glad you really enjoyed your vacation...

    Thanks sa comments dangz, oo nga pra akong miss universe dami kong awards hahahaha,, at in blogging dba hehehehe...

    Laki na ng bump ko dangz, at ang likot ng baby ko pati. btw, nawala appetite ko ngayong 4 months na ako, donnu why... I really wonder...then have changed my cravings too, from mangoes to avocados now! uummm yummy with milk, sugar and ice.. I love the juice...hehehe

    Take care dangz, sorry ha na minsan hndi ako mkkdalaw kc mabigat tyan ko at nagrereklamo minsan si baby..

    Thanks a lot, mwah wmah mwah God bless you always.. hugs & kisses to your little princess and king..

  21. thanks for sharing the pics dear friend, love watching a happy is so nice to be in the phils right?

  22. hi Rose, when you find the picture to download, just right click and find edit, then save...then, download .... hehehe

    hehehe, just let me know if may query kapa ha, i hope that helps

  23. ang galing! na-experience mo na with real butanding.. am sure it's a different feeling.. wow.


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