Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birthdays with the Whaleshark Part 1

As we have planned, we've celebrated EJ and John's birthday in the Philippines during our vacation. We were going to celebrate it in Daraga but we chose to held it in Donsol instead so we'll have a chance to enjoy the peak season of Butanding or whaleshark month. There were lots of tourists there to watch the famous-friendly creatures.

We've paid the canteen of the school where I used to work to cater for our food. Thanks a lot to Ate Chay and Lynes for the transportation. Thanks also for the Baldon-Siapno family, Beler family and for my family and friends in Donsol for joining us with this special occasion of my men.
We ordered the cake at Graceland in Legazpi City.

EJ stuck his finger in the cake before it gets cut hehehe.
Rylie always volunteer to blow the candles lol.

Picture taking after the party, some are in the boats already so we only had a chance to take with the people going to Legazpi.

Don't miss the Part 2 of this post where we swam with the butanding or the whaleshark.

Originally published on April 4, 2009


  1. wow talaga naman manang ko...hehhee...galing all the handa...sarap naman...hehehe!

    Love the cake as well...hahha..kakatuwa naman si Rye..palagi nag vovolunteer na mag blow ng candle...hehhee!

    can't wait to see the part 2....hehehhe...thanks for sharing manang ko...have visited all your blogs...mwah..sleepy na ako...night night!

  2. cool! Nasa pinas na!

    Galing dito pa ang birthday celebration.

    I've never been to Donsol, but it looks like an interesting place.

  3. wow...galing namn ng happenings hahaha...i enjoyed the pictures Rose...oyy belated happy birthday pala kay Pareng John and EJ...

    look at your Princess, having the time of her life hahaha

  4. belated happy birthday EJ!

    mukhang you really had a blast while you were staying here.

    I'll check on your site for the butanding pics ha? excited na ko!

  5. Oi pareho diay og b-day ang imong 2 special men sa imong life te? Nice kaau ang place...We have never visited that part of the philippines pa but my hubby have a friends there married to a filipina as well.. By the way..naa kog tag nimu te..just grab it pag may time kana.. here is the link

  6. wow for sure enjoy so celebration kaso so celebrant serious hehehe di nag smile si pogi!

  7. thanks for sharing the happy moment :)

  8. sarap ng mga foods Rose, hmm yummy. okey yong celebration kasi lahat was a very good idea...

    sarap ng cake hmmmmmmmmmmm

  9. Hi Chubskulit, beautiful pics. Enjoed looking at them...
    and love the pic of your 007 or Rambo with you, ha ha.
    Mabuhay, Lee.

  10. belated happy b-day to your kids sis. visit here again. singit ko lang sa sched ko ang pag online hehe.

  11. ive never been to sorsogon. the farthest ive been in the south of luzon island is legaspi.

    but im planning to insert the whale watching this summer with fingers crossed.

    belated happy birthday!

  12. Belated Happy Birthday to Mr. Joops and li cutie EJ!!Ang gwapo ng binata mo,Ate Rose!!

    Ang sarap ng handaaa!!Ang damii!!!\(^0^)/gusto ko tuloy makisaya dyan!!

  13. Mommy rose, sarap naman nang handa oi nagutom tuloy ako. Iba talaga mag celebrate tayong mga pinoy bonga at ang saya ha.
    Thanks for dropping by sa blog ko I do appreciate it. God bless and ingatz kayo dyan.

  14. Very nice photos as usual, I always enjoy looking at family fun pictures, you have a very nice looking family.

  15. Wow, seems like you had a great time! Greet them Belated Happy Bday from your bogging friends. HEHEHE

  16. Belated happy birthday to John and EJ! Naku dami handa! May natira pa ba cake? hehehe! penge naman!

  17. ang dami naman pagkain nyan mommy chubs, belated hapi bday na rin..ang sarap ng hipon ano? prito pa ata yan naku sarap tignan..

  18. Hi sis, thanks for answering the questions that wonders me about EC. I stayed here for a long time reading your post and enjoyed watching the pictures and food. I had fun during my stay here.

    Care for a link-ex?

  19. wow! looks yummy and am glad you guys really enjoyed your vacation here in the Philippines c:

    namiss kna kayo mare c:

  20. I'm wondering how to actually submit a site to google,.. ? any tips on that,..never done that before,..does it cost money,..?


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