Friday, October 15, 2010

Early Birds

Took this shot last Wednesday when I walked  my daughter to her classroom.  These three are always the early birds in their room.  I was glad to see Rylie's progress report today,  she got SATISFACTORY rating in all the fields/subjects.  I'll post a separate one about it.


  1. She's so excited to go to school! And congratulations on getting good marks!

  2. daig ng maagap ang masipag...

    congrats! mana ata sa mommy!

  3. wow, congrats Rylie and for the early bird.. hihi
    WEEEE..sis I got it! thanks so much! na surprise ako with the elegand purse, ang ganda!!! i love it, touch naman ako...

  4. you train them well. Some kids are always late. I know, i am a teacher.

  5. wohooo! way to go Rye..san pa ba nagmana...ehheehe! Naging brids yung title mo sis...ehehehehe...:)

  6. Rose, ganda naman ng classroom nila.... hihihi...

    Rose ..tanong lang alam muna low-techie ako....

    napansin ko nadagdag sa list mu yung blogs ng hubby mu ... yung Petty Things In Life..ko gusto ko isahin nalang paano ba yan hehehe...

  7. Rylie seems to be doing very well in school both in her studies and her interaction with school mates. That is the essence why children are brought to school at such an early age, so that they can easily adapt with school life. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. wow...galing ni Rye...go go go pretty rylie...

    oo nga ang ganda ng room nila di katulad sa Pinas, siksikan sa public schools...

  9. Aga naman pumasok ni Rylie ang sipag. Ako noon tamad bumangon sa umaga kaya minsan nale-late sa school. haha!

  10. wow congrats to rylie mommy rose mana talaga sayo hehehe

  11. Way to go,Rylie!!Congrats!Manang mana kay Mommy!^_^

  12. congrats to your daughter and for you na rin because of you kaya matalino sya =)

  13. Rylie, congratulations. WTG, Rose!


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