Thursday, October 14, 2010


Pardon me for the title but I just don't know what to call this flower because I don't know its name.  I believe I took these shots at Lowe's months ago.  I find it very pretty and wished to plant some in my yard but the price was a little over my budget so I did not buy. 

As identified by Cher (thank you), this is called Fox gloves flower.


  1. it must be purple bell..hihihi db we have yellow bell here..somehow likely to that one..
    Follow and add you on my list..grabbed a badge too..
    Happy weekends..

  2. Rose di ko rin alam.. kasi di ko siya nakikita dito sa paligid..hahahah... oo nga dami siya freks... hehehe..

  3. parang familiar sa kin but im not sure kung ano name hehe.. we're near to Dangwa, drop off point ng mga flowers from Baguio and Tagaytay pero di ako syado nakakabili..mahal eh.. hihi

  4. These are lovely Rose!
    I can't remember their name. I like the little freckles inside their petals.

  5. I have a photo of this plant in my archives, but I don't know what it is either. They are pretty though!

  6. These are so pretty, and as soon as someone identifies it, I will know it but I can't put my finger on the name right now. Sorry :)

  7. That is a FOXGLOVE plant. It's a beautiful flower. Here's a link on more information about it:

  8. kailangan mag cream tong bulaklak natu bading para mawala ang freckles hehehe

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  10. The first time I saw the title of your post at my email, I thought freckles was about a skin blemish. I was already wondering which member of your family could be suffering from it. I was pleasantly surprised that freckles was the name you gave to the beautiful flowers growing in the garden of your friend. They are really beautiful flowers with gorgeous colors. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  11. Foxgloves (common name) are one of my all time favorite flowers and this is a good shot of them. Digitalis is the genus and there are a number of species belonging to this but are commonly all known as foxgloves.

  12. wow, these are stunning! imagine a garden full of these flowers, ganda!

    i've been trying to download your site last night pero ayaw. buti ngayon ok na.:p

  13. So lovely flowers! They have unique shapes...
    Thanks for dropping by :)

  14. may foxglove ako dati sa cali sis...I love this flower....nice shot badingding....:)

    btw, dko pala alam yung name nang flower....dko kasi tiningnan yung! sowe...:)


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