Friday, October 15, 2010

Champ is Styling

Rylie got bored the other day so she took  her  Chuck e Cheese shirt and put it on Champ.  It's funny because Champ didn't care at all.  He just keep on playing with his ball after  Rye got done dressing him up.  Sorry Champ but you look cute  with it lol.


  1. haha, ang porma ni champ. pwede na sana siya magligaw ke magic, kaya lang male din pet ko haha. keri niya ang porma. =)

  2. stylish and fashionable parang ako wahahaha

  3. hahahhaha...ang cute ni Champ na naka damit hahaha...di ba nya na miss si Chelsea Rose? hehe

    natawa ako sa comment mo Rose doon sa "log"...lam ko na kung anong "log" ang gusto mong makita sa room nyo....ang mga binti ni John nyahahahahahahahaha...

  4. Yes, Champ looks very cute in his get up. Rylie seems to have a great affection for your only dog now. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. Awww, so cute champ! Good job Rylie!

  6. He is definitely having good time.

  7. Hello, Rose! I haven't been by in a while. Poor Champ! At least the shirt is not pink with ruffles *smile* My dog goes bonkers if we put anything on her. Have a great weekend.
    And, thanks for the tips on bringing in plants.

  8. Awww! How cute!

    Melody ~ Blondie's Abode

  9. He is very cute playing with his red ball :)

  10. maybe he knows he's cute kaya he doesn't care, nakaporma pa din, kakatuwa ginawang parang doll..:D

  11. Cute shots of Champ in his new shirt.

  12. Hahahha... The things that kids do to our dogs!!! Si Andrea ganyan din sa aso namin...


  13. it is still quite cool here, and wet. Yesterday, I saw a man with a greyhound dog. The dog had a green jacket. Your dog reminded me.


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