Saturday, August 21, 2010

Super Snouts

Oh Lord, I have been meaning to upload photos I took about the animals in Pittsburgh Zoo but my life is so busy these days. I told my friend that I would take care of her baby when she goes back to work but I don't think I could do it with my schedule, whew!

We actually just got back from the Vet, we brought Champ there to have his leg checked because his cast was coming off already and it was irritating his thigh. Good thing he is healing up already so the Vet removed his cast. He is due for a last xray on Tuesday.
Anyhow, here are the shots I took of the "super Snouts".. Elephants.

It was so hot when we went there last weekend so these giant beauties were dusting off their body.

Do you see him shaking his dust off?
Good thing that they have water to swim too.

We went inside the building where elephant can rest and eat and the place where kids can pet them for $15 fee. We just indulge our eyes watching the elephant and did not bother to pet them, too expensive lol.

I took shot of these humongous teeth of the elephants.

Hope you guys are having a nice weekend!


  1. These are majestic creatures, huge but delicate (if they want to be). Smart, they all seem to enjoy the audience!

  2. Thanks for the visit. I feel for the elephants although they come from a climate even hotter than we have. There were days that a good dusting would have been great, except for the humidity... here the dust would have ended up as a layer of caked mud...

  3. Elephants are gentle creatures of the wild. But many of them have been so badly maltreated especially those languishing at the zoo or those with the traveling circus. We should preserve and take care of them for our future posterity. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. Thanks for visiting me! These elephant pics are wonderful...good catches of them walking and shaking off the dust ;) That's a good, big area for them at your Zoo, almost as if you had photographed them on safari! Except that they have a stable to go to rest. At our zoo where I lived back in AZ, you could feed the giraffes for $3. $15 was pricey just to touch the elephant!

    Glad to have found your blogs. Will stop back again.

  5. nice shot! i really want to see an elephant.

  6. i've never seen elephant's teeth before... thanks for the info!!!

  7. Such gentle giants. And what enormous teeth they have!

  8. Love these photos! I've had the pleasure of visiting Africa, and the elephants were one of my favourites to glad I stopped by.


  9. Fascinating shots of the elephant's teeth. Their area in the zoo looks well thought out.

  10. it's nice they have a good environment and wide spaces to roam around with good facilities, on the feeding yeah it's too expensive, papakainin mo na nga me bayad. lol..

  11. The elephants are such lovely creatures. Nice shots, thanks for sharing!

  12. You are a great friend to babysit your friend's baby while she went back to work. So very hard job. I was asked once, for 4 hours, and boy was it hard.

    Now I am home babysitting my BIG boy and my little boy.

    Teen Son is sick, so I am home. The old father decides since we are home, he stays home home. Actually we all are quite sick.

    Will you please come and baby sit us? LOL

  13. wow...ganda ng kuha mo Rose..parang nasa movie clips to hehe

    bumibista lang hehe

  14. oh my...ang lawak nang zoo jan sis ano.......mahal naman yung petting fee.

  15. Rose, tungkol don sa Q mo...peso account lang at Debit account sya...paypal na mismo mag convert from USD$ to Pesos.... may service charge na 50.00 if lower than 7,000 pesos ang ipa transfer mo from Paypal to Phil. account...if mag papa transfer ka ng money from your paypal account to any banks here sa P.I...parang di yata pwede kasi kailangan i=registered mo yong Debit Bank Account mo dito sa Pinas as your bank connected sa Paypal account mo.

    Kung ako sayo...yong family mo sa Bicol, ang mag pa register sila sa Paypal...then instruct them to look for a bank na may EON ATM Debit Card..yong kamong nag re-receive ng payment from Paypal...then doon ka na lang sa Paypal nya mag transfer ng pera at sya na lang o family mo din ang magpa transfer ng pera from their paypal account to their Pinas account or sa EON card nila...lesser pa ang mo ako pag naa ka pa question...pareho kayo ni Bingkee, asked din sya about paypal then phil account..hehe

  16. I'm so amazed by elephants and especially love how the babies have such small snouts, lol.

  17. Nice shots of the Elephants, they are really beautiful animals.

  18. You got him shaking off the dust at just the right time. :)
    $15 to pet one - oh my!

  19. Oh I love it!! I once had the honor of bathing a baby elephant - OMG that's something I will never forget.

  20. Thanks for following me, I am now following you too!!

  21. Pumasok ka rin pala sa elephant housang bahu bading diba pero i had fun watching the baby and mama elephant

  22. Sobrang busy ka talaga ha. Ay ang lalaki naman ng teeth ng elephant. at ang dami mong Meme girl, hehehe.. See you sa CC at sa Nostalgia..


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