Thursday, August 26, 2010

Framed Sky View

Taking pictures is what keeps me busy whenever we are driving somewhere. I took these shots when we went to Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago. Pardon for the poor angle of the photos. It is hard to get a good picture when the vehicle is moving, let alone my camera is not that good hehehe.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend everyone!


  1. Nothing to apologize for here! I do that too ... just snap away constantly as we're driving. Happy skywatching and happy Friday!

  2. its a very nice and awesome shot sis! love it

  3. Cool shot! Lovet!!\(^0^)/

    Hello there,Ate Rose!Enjoy your weekend!!^_^

  4. A great reflection shot of the golden skies!

  5. wow..may ganyan din na building sa Sweden Rose hehehe

  6. hahhaha...parang ako....kahit nasa freeway take parin nang pics....buti may chauffeur tau palagi sis ano...ehehehe!

    love the last shot...nice one!

  7. Ang ganda nga nung building, very imposing. Mahirap talaga kumuha nang decent shot when taken from a moving car. Kailangan ang professional expertise to do that. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. Nice idea of sky watching! Cool!

  9. but these are lovely photos, a reflection from a glass building.. nice.. you're good at taking photo.. i say pro-photographer..


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