Sunday, October 4, 2009

For the love of Music

I missed a lot of memes this week, I was pre-occupied worrying about my ill-mother. Thanks a lot for those who said a prayer for Mama, she went out from the hospital today but unfortunately got stranded in town because of the typhoon Peping. Let's all pray that Peping won't leave such devastation that typhoon Undoy caused.

I want to participate on this week's Mommy Moment with the "Music in Me" theme.
Both my husband and I are music lovers. I love to sing (although the song don't love me back nyahahah) and John can play bass guitar. He used to play with their band called Graffiti. See how skinny he was back then? Those were the days hehehe.
I can strum guitar too (not very good at it but I can play simple tunes). MY husband bought this guitar for me when we had our honeymoon in Cebu. I wasn't t able to brought it when I came to the States and planned to bring when we went there for a vacation but to my dismay, the guitar was broken already. Mama said that our neighbor borrowed it but did not take care of it. I was so mad.

This is the piano at my FIL's basement. He told Rylie that if she's old enough to play it that she can have it. We used to play it together when I was pregnant with EJ.
During my late brother's wake, there is a video cinco outside our home and hubby encouraged me to sing lol. Don't be disappointed guys, and watch out you might fall on your seat hahaha.
I was trying to upload the video of my kids while they were dancing but it is too long that blogger cannot execute it.


  1. hahaha Ang bebe pa ng face ng asawa mo bakla sa picture nya sa itaas, at ang cute ng baby mo sa piano.

    Kumusta na nga pala ang mama mo bakla hope she will feel better soon. mama ko rin nga may sakit, kakapadala ko pa lng ng mola pambili ng gamot. Haaay mga probs talaga sa buhay nakaka stress ano hehehe. Praying for your mom bakla. you take care of your health too, don't worry to much God is there watching our family and he always have the way to make things better.

  2. Talented family pala kayo.. Nice !!!

  3. hmmm.. pa humble effect ka pa.. I know you're good at music.

  4. Hi Rose glad to know that your mom is okey na.. si John ba yung naka stripe na black and white sa may left side?.... daughter mo may pinagmanahan.... si hubby ko din eh guitarist pero hindi na masyado..... take care

  5. I love the photo of you and Rylie playing the piano, talented family pala talaga kayo as in it runs thru the family. :)
    I hope ok na ang mom mo, at sana nga eh hindi masyado ang hagupit ni pepeng,dahil hindi ko na alam kung ano ang gagawin pag nagkataon.
    and sis,Thank you so much for your help ha. I appreciate it more than anything.

  6. Hala sis, apir na apir tayo. My mother also got sick this week. She also checked out of the hospital today.

    There's something about old pianos that appeals to me. Oh well, I'm a sucker for old things.

    Mom and daughter on the piano - I love that! The video cinco bit - wow! I couldn't do that ehehe... I used to sing a bit, but now matanda na si Tarzan hahahahah!

    Have a great weekend, sis.

  7. Hi sis first picture palang wla na akong masabi ang cool ng dating..Di ko alam na may tinatago ka palang talent sa singing galing mo pala kumanta :p

    happy weekend!!

  8. that was cool! thanks for visiting my post mommy!

  9. Wohoo! the family of singers, hahaha! I sing at home, but outside, I don't. I know that there are some that's worse than me, but..ehehehe, my voice is only for my kids, and my hubby/ Wow, Rylie already got a piano waiting for her, cool! None of my in laws got nothing to leave to my kids, I guess, we have to buy them some. It's Wrozlie who's really interested. Alexandra's voice is so low, that I don't know if whe would be able to carry a tune someday.

    Great photos Rose..

  10. glad to know your mom's ok. just learned that pepeng wasn't as bad as they expected it to be. so palagay ko oks naman sila doon.

    heniweys, aba may potential ha! keep it up mommy!

  11. love the picture when you and your girl playing the piano and you are juntis! heheh!


  12. hahhaa...rock in roll si jowa mo sis bakla....hehehe....feel great to bring the memories back!

    woi, bongga...hhahaha..para kang natural na singer manang ko...may hidden talent ka pala...kakaloka....hehhehe....ako talaga..nababasag yung mga pinggan!

    thanks for sharing sis....woi glad to know nakalabas na pala si mama mo..nako nga ano..sana d matuloy tong si peping.....

    went through all your blogs sis bakla....mwah! luto na ako! mamaya na ako mag blog hop sa iba....:)

  13. gosh noong magsabog yata ng talent tulog yata ako kasi wala akong talent!!!!

  14. Merong pinagmanahan ang kids mo,Ate Rose!!Kaya pala super talented kids sila eh!!^_^
    May bigay rin na grand piano ang MIL ko for my kids kaya lang di namin madala sa apartment,magiging masikip lang kami lol!!\(^0^)/

  15. I'm glad to hear you Mama is ok now. :)

    Hey you've got the voice. :) kaya pala musically inclined ang mga bagets kasi mana sa parents nila. :)

  16. my hubby plays the bass guitar too! :D

    thanks for joining and sharing your stories with us this week!

  17. wow I remember when I was in college my bestfriend taught me how to play guitar but my fingers are short and it cant reach to the strings wahhh

  18. ha ha c ej nang aagaw din, kahit di para sa atin yung music basta makanta ng maayos ok na yun ate ha atleast diba na carry natin ok nman ate yung voice mo thanks for comment too...

  19. ayaw daw sa music sa kanya oh ganda nga boses eh...

  20. Halu Rose. I was waiting for the embarrassing moment eh wala naman pala, hehe. you ha, galing mo pla kumanta :-)

    katuwa rin yung first pic, hehe. good to know you all love music

  21. Halu Rose. I was waiting for the embarrassing moment eh wala naman pala, hehe. you ha, galing mo pla kumanta :-)

    katuwa rin yung first pic, hehe. good to know you all love music

  22. Oo nga Mommy Rose pa humble ka ha,you have a beautiful voice pala & music lover pala kayo talaga.I love watching your video ang lamig ng boses mo.

  23. dami siguro fans ng hubby mo nuon.. sana mamana ng mga kiddos ang talent ng papa nila (at mama na rin).. ganda kaya ng boses mo. pero entertaining ang video dahil nakiki duet si ej lol


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