Friday, September 25, 2009

Women Over Men

Yes, I made it this time hehehe. I wasn't able to participate for last week's theme of this new meme called by Niko of Girl's rule. This week's theme is the what women can do that men cannot! Let’s show them why we girls are over boys :).

>First of all, man cannot blog like us, as in 24/7 hahahha (just kidding).
>Most women are more patient than men.
>Women especially Moms can do a multi tasking job... cooking while doing the laundry, taking care of the kids, cleaning, etc.
>Women are better with tweaking layouts and stuff, men seldom do that hehehe.

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  1. I sooo agree that women are more patient that men. hot-headed mga lalaki lagi eh, no? hihi..

    Here's my entry , btw.

    kisses to your gorgeous children!

  2. if I don't have a baby baka maexperience ko yang blogging 24/7..he..he...and I so agree with you about women's patience..but most of the time in my case, mas patient si hubby ko..waaaaahhhhh:)

    MIne's here:

  3. very well said sis...tapos mahilig tau mag know..woman's touch....hhehehe! nako 24/7 ba naman yung!

  4. women admit mistakes...
    men don'
    women mature faster than men....
    don't you think so?

    Nweis, that's all I can share Buds!

  5. i think equal at parehong the same lang ang mga lalaki at babae.he he he.;).give,take, understanding.basic 3!

  6. Very true on the multi-tasking part. pero minsan focused ako sa computer. the last thing i know nasusunog na ulam ko. Waah!

  7. ay sobrang true :) we have more patience than men and we can blog 24/7 :D weeeeeh

    thanks for joining mare ha!!! see you again next week


  8. I would like to add one for the ladies. Women are much better at remembering the details of a conversation. I think it's funny how women can recall, word for word, exactly what you said years ago and guys will barely remember the conversation at all...hehehe

  9. lolz... very true men can't blog 24/7, well my husband dont blog at all but I wonder what he's doing in the computer all the time...... well I can't blog 24/7 either hahaha... no one can I think, that's just exagerrated para mas may point tayo against men hehehe

  10. Hahahaha oo nga di mahilig blogs ang lalaki saka alam mo asawa ko hindi ma-gets pano tyo nagiging online friends eh hindi tyo magkakakilala sa personal hahahaha

  11. i agree with you on these rose.women power jud!

  12. I will say amen to this post, very nice post. Have a great weekend.

  13. naku tayo lang talaga ang nilalang (mommies specifically) who can really multi-task. Kaya nga women aka mommy, are best known as superwoman kasi we can do anything with such efficiency, order and perfection. lol

    Girls rule talaga!

  14. great answers te Rose..bitaw be...girls rajud mostly ganahan panindot og layout.. I agree very much with multi tasking kasi i can blog while playing Facebook games while spinning laundry tapos ngsasaing pa

  15. Hehehe, totoo ka dyan Rose, ang mga girls ay ang gagaling gumawa ng lay out. I guess, kasi mas maarte tayo kesa sa mga boys.. Women rule!!!!

  16. I totally agree with you bakla. Lalo na yang multitask, ahhh men can't do that, and women are creative too than men.

    And I like what your hubby said, we can remember deatils word for word, I wish my joe can read this one, para ma accept nya talaga na I am right hehehe. Ang galing magpaikot-ikot ng asawa ko one I started refreashing the conversation datailed by detailed, maghahanap talaga ng alibi na parang lumalabas na hindi yonang ibig nya sabihin para lng hindi ma corner.

    Nice post bakla, Girls rock! talaga.

    Blog Fusion
    Worths Road
    Simple Happy Life

  17. agree ako jan, especially sa line hubby walang ka patient patient...walang tiyaga as in...grabe...

  18. You're absolutely right. Multi-tasking is a skill only women have been able to master. Have a great weekend!

  19. multitasking! blogging and doing homechores at the same time, alrights!

    quick visit lang, be back later.. dami ko na miss ah.

  20. will update later and bloghop again, hope to post also my mommy moments entry, saan makahabol pa.:) had this bad net connection for almost three days.. i'll be back later... happy weekend!


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