Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Ogle Bay Park in Wheeling WV: Spring of 2021

 These photos were taken last year when a friend took some photos of my daughter at Oglebay Park in Wheeling West Virginia.  Driving around the park in late Spring is way different scenario than we drove there in Winter.  The lights were beautiful at night but nothing compares to the beauty of nature when it s daylight of warmer months.

We visited some parts of this park a few times  few years ago for tennis matches but never got to explore its entirety.  I think it would take a long day to explore the whole park on foot.
I think this part is where they host live shows or do weddings, it's a very nice set up.
This pine caught my eye, it has a lot of characters.  It's like one of those pines you see in Japanese gardens.
It's really nice to go out there if you are into nature, lots of  things to see and enjoy.
If I were a professional photographer, I would choose this  place too because there's a lot of beautiful backgrounds you can choose.
My husband and son roamed around the park while I watched  the photoshoot.
Like the blossoming flowers, my daughter is blossoming into a grown woman.  It's nerve wracking but also exciting to see her grow up.  
Spring and summer is the best times to go to Oglebay.  It has a very charming landscape.

I'm thinking of having my daughter's photos taken by professional for her senior year.  I'm going to look for photographers around the area.
I love this walking pathway.
I am grateful for my friend for making my daughter her model that day.  I think she had a lot of fun taking her direction with the poses.
If it's not a far drive, I would love to hang out in this park during summer days, it would be an awesome place  for running or walking.

We went there after Christmas to see their festival of lights.

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