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How To Prevent and Handle Your Child Getting Injured At School

When it comes to accidents and injuries, we have to think clearly so we take the right steps, and one of the best things we can do is educate ourselves to protect our family. For any parent with kids who play a lot of school sports, it’s natural to worry about them sustaining an injury playing sports in school. It’s scary because we don’t actually know who will be held accountable if that happens and it’s not our child’s fault. We want our children to enjoy their favorite sports and fun activities, but we want to make sure they’re safe too.

According to the CDC, more than almost 3 million children are brought into the ER because of sports and recreation-related injuries. As kids get older, they engage in a lot more team sports, and unfortunately injuries are part of that deal. For the most part, these injuries are light scratches or bruises, but the greater concern for parents is breaks, sprains and other injuries that are more serious. A vast majority of these injuries take place on school grounds, but the waters are often murky on who should be held responsible when this happens during a basketball game or while they are cheerleading, for example. 

Ways to Prevent Injuries

One of the things we have in our power as parents is doing our part in preventing injury. Here are some of the ways we can help our kids stay safe on the field or court.

Warm-ups and Cool downs Before and After Sports 

For grown-ups and kids alike, many injuries are caused by a lack of warm-ups, proper stretching and cooling down. This is completely avoidable if we teach our children the importance of getting in and out of a workout the right way.

Wearing Protective Gear

Whenever your kids are going to engage in any sporting activity, it’s critical that they have the correct protective gear on. From knee pads to helmets and gloves; protective gear is the first line of defense against injuries. Many injuries have been caused by playing without the right gear, and this something we can control before they even start playing. It’s not just about the right equipment. We have to be sure it fits correctly, is in great condition, and that they’re wearing it properly. 

Sunscreen & Hydration

Drinking water regularly is a great habit to instill in children as young as possible. When it comes to sports, not drinking enough water won’t just cause discomfort and dehydration, it can actually lead to injuries too.  Before our kids hit the fields, make sure they are drinking enough water and replenishing after working up a sweat.

Follow the Rules of Game

A lot of the rules that exist in sport aren’t put in place to make the game less fun, they keep us safe from injury. Our kids need to follow the best and safest sporting practices. If they’re reckless in any way, this significantly increases the risk of injury.

What To Do When an Injury Occurs
In the event that our child gets injured in a school game for example, is it appropriate to investigate who is responsible and hold them liable? Is the school to blame or is it another student? In this case, do you need to contact a personal injury lawyer, like Schwartzapel Attorneys or just handle the claim yourself? It can all be very overwhelming when you’re scared and worried about your child. On top of that, dealing with school staff can turn this into a delicate and uncomfortable matter for everyone involved. If the injury was due to the school’s negligence, and it’s a more serious injury than a scratch or a bruise, it would be worth sitting with a personal injury lawyer who can help you lodge the claim.
In order to have a claim, evidence will be necessary to prove your case meets the requirements of a lawsuit. You need to have photographs of the injuries, and independent notarized witness statements. You have to prove damages in the form of medical expenses, bills related to the injury, or pain and suffering experienced by your child. When you have this information, you can move forward.

Put Your Child First
We do our very best to watch over our children when they are around us, but what about when they aren’t in our presence? Schools are meant to protect our kids when we’re not there, and for the most part, this goes right. In the event that it goes wrong, and the school has been negligent in any way, we can make a claim to hold the school responsible for it. Most importantly, as we get ready to make a case against the learning institution, we have to put the physical, mental and emotional healing of our children first.


  1. it can be so tricky watch your kids go through this and always making sure we put our children first is key! things can go wrong of course but we hope to make sure we do our best!

  2. Just isn't football or other sports. My daughter was hurt cheerleading. Proper equipment and coaches should be taught cps and many other things to be the best for our kids.

  3. It's so important to watch over our kids when it comes to keeping them safe during sports. Protecting them have to be our first priority always.

  4. Good to know. I always want my kids to be safe. Thankfully my son doesn't play sports, so I don't worry much about him. My daughter might though!

  5. This is a huge worry for me! We are definitely a sports family and I worry about my kids getting hurt. I am glad that you wrote this out helps me to feel like I'm not alone when it comes to be worried about my kiddo and sports.

  6. These are some great tips, I can imagine it is worrying about your child getting into issues while they are playing sports at school.

  7. And, schools have insurance for these matters, it never hurts to ask if they can cover a portion of your bill.

  8. My son is thinking about playing Football in school when he is allowed to. I am so afraid he will get hurt. Thank you for these tips as they will help me remain calm.

  9. One of mine played soccer and someone was always getting injured. Nowadays I see more about protecting our kids with helmets and such.

  10. When I was a kid we used to play outside without this stuff in mind since no adults are around. We often go home with scratches and wounds. These things are vital to avoid accidents and injuries. Great reminders

  11. As a boy mom, this is often on my mind. Mine are not old enough for sports at school yet, but they are rough and tumble even on the playground and at PE!

  12. These are great recommendations. Football is especially rough and if kids aren't protected they can sustain a bad injury.

  13. These are really helpful tips. My son played youth football and now plays high school football. It's so important to wear the protective gear properly.

  14. These are important tips for school sports and can be applied to league sports too. It is always a good idea to have an injury looked at right away and to fill out the accident paper work as soon as possible.

  15. My kids have gotten injured at school a couple of times. The school handled it perfectly.

  16. Hydration is so important for kids playing sports. Dehydration can lead to some serious consequences.

  17. Very important points made in this post. Thankfully Babushka was never called to school for a child's injury. Will be sharing this with my children who are the parents now. Gracias.

  18. Yes on the warm ups! They are so important for any type of sport or physical activity.

  19. As a parent, keeping the kids safe is a top priority. These are great tips for sure. Warming up is essential before playing any sports.

  20. School injury's are the worst aren't they? Because half the time my kids come home with injuries that I feel could have easily been prevented. I always remind my two to warm up before playing any sports so we don't end up with any serious injuries but they still tell me that their teachers don't encourage it!!

    Louise x


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