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Wonderful Florida Beaches That Only Locals Know

Whenever thinking about Florida beaches we automatically get flashbacks of spring break, with Panama City Beach being the number one destination for people from all over the country. Those that want to play go to South Beach and Key West has always been recommended by influencers from all around the world.
Everyone knows about the beaches and the beautiful holiday villas in Florida but do you know that there are actually 663 miles of wonderful beaches you can experience in the state of Florida? Travelers that want to go off-the-beaten track and experience something that is more unique can always find some incredible destinations that will make their desires come through. This does include the following stunning Florida beaches that locals would like you do not know about.

Crandon Park
The tourists often go to South Beach, a truly majestic destination that is surely wonderful. However, locals normally go to Crandon Park, which is located in Key Biscayne. This is a 2 mile long beach that is family friendly. The Atlantic waves are gentle and there is an outdoor rink for rollerskating that is a huge hit among visitors.

Bahia Honda State Park
While Key West always gets the full glory in the region, we should know that this is not the only island tourists can visit in Lower Florida Keys. You actually want to visit many that are better than expected. If you are a traveler that is looking for a romantic or family-friendly destination, with really good vies of the ocean, right as you travel through Overseas Highway, just consider Bahia Honda State Park. Snorkeling is wonderful here and is preferred right before an excursion to watch the sunset.

Caladesi Island State Park
In the year 2008, Stephen Leatherman (also known as Doctor Beach), declared that Caladesi is the best beach in the US. Even so, it is not crowded. This is due to the fact that you would need to start in Dunedin and take a ferry to reach the park. However, the trip is surely worth it. This is a getaway in the Gulf of Mexico that features white, soft sand put together with wildlife. We can say that nature meets modern amenities, including gift shops and snack bars.

Don Pedro Island State Park
This wonderful Florida destination for tourists and locals is around 1 hour away from Sarasota, towards south by car. Don Pedro Island features a 7 mile long beach in the Gulf of Mexico. You can only access it through public ferry or a private boat. The car can be brought with you, although the golf cart is normally the preferred transportation method on the island.

Amelia Island
Amelia Island is definitely not a secret. It is well-known by many but it is a barrier island that is often ignored, usually because of the fact that Jacksonville Beach is close. What you may want to do is take a kayak or go paddle boarding along the lovely Atlantic coastline of Amelia Island, which covers 13 miles. What is interesting is that you might even see dolphins and wild horses around you. The sunset cruise is preferred from Cumberland Island, Georgia, but you can also visit alone.

Delray Beach
If locals want to visit a vibrant beach town that is not overrun, they consider Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Delray Beach can be accessed from the East Atlantic Avenue. You will really like the ice cream parlors, sidewalk cafes and boutiques there. They perfectly complement the Atlantic Ocean’s natural lure.

St. George Island
St. George Island can be visited in the panhandle of Florida. It is a barrier island that is surrounded by Apalachicola Bay and the stunning Gulf of Mexico. During the day visitors normally climb to the 72 foot high lighthouse top. This offers the panoramic view that makes you want to take your camera out of the pocket to show people at home what they missed. During the night you will enjoy the vibrant restaurant scene. It features live music and tasty seafood.

Tips For When Visiting Unknown Parts Of Florida
The fact that you would be visiting some parts of Florida that are not well-known means that your internet research might not give you what you are looking for. The information that is available for the locations mentioned above and many others that are wonderful will be limited. Because of this, what you want to do is to consider some alternative information sources.

It is always a great idea to give yourself freedom as you travel. If this is possible in Florida, simply make friends with the locals. They are going to tell you about many different beaches and other travel destinations that are basically fantastic. Also, you can talk about hidden gems with the staff at the resort you stay at. There are many destinations they know about and that are often not included in travel packages.

Another thing you should be aware of is that you do want to be safe. Traveling alone to a remote destination is dangerous everywhere. This is why it is always good to let people know where you are going and traveling alone to the hidden parts of Florida, especially when you come from another country is not recommended.

Try to plan as much as possible and continue planning once you reached Florida. You will find many great destinations by simply keeping an open mind.

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