Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ohio River

When we were in Cincinnati Ohio, the river beside the  International Friendship  Park  reminded me of these wintery photos that I took last winter but never got to post so here it goes.  Since it is so hot outside, this would make me cool down a bit somehow, just by looking at it.
Did you know that the Ohio River  streams westward from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  to Cairo, Illinois?   It is the largest affluent body of freshwater, by volume, of the Mississippi River in the United States. It said that the  Ohio river is considerably bigger than the Mississippi so it is hydrologically the main stream of the whole river system.  
Time flies so before we knew it, it is going to be  freezing cold again.  Just like when I took these photos, I was thinking, I can't wait for the summer and now the summer is starting to pull away.
The photo below is downtown Weirton with a little bit  part of Marland Heights.
Crossing the  bridge  that connects Weirton, WV and Steubenville Ohio.
I have never seen the  Ohio river frozen.  Wouldn't it  be so nice if it froze and we can  ice skate in there?  I know it can be part dangerous too but it's  a thought that crosses my mind once in a while  when passing the bridge.
The River is what  dividing West Virginia and Ohio and  it's the same river that also  separates Kentucky and Ohio.
I would really love to own a boat so I could travel by  the river in visiting other places.  It would be a fun adventure.


  1. I've seen and skated on a frozen river only once when I was still very young. It was when my family visited Tokyo then. I enjoyed looking at your photos.

  2. Ice skating on a frozen river is exciting but pretty scary. I can only do that in my dreams. Lol! Seriously, though, keeping photos surely brings back a lot of good memories and invokes hopes and aspirations.


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