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6 Surprising Things That Happen When You Get Serious About Fitness

There is a point in life when you can’t deny it any longer: you’re going to have to focus on your fitness, once and for all. The need for exercise is overwhelming if you are concerned about all aspects of your health; not only does exercise improve your cardiovascular health, but it has been linked to helping people combat mental health concerns, too. It’s simple: exercise is essential, and that means you need to start paying attention to your personal fitness.

That’s not to say this decision is an easy one. Many of us have an up-and-down relationship with fitness; we engage for awhile, then life gets in the way, and our gym passes and at-home equipment fall into disuse. Persuading yourself to make a long-term commitment to your fitness isn’t easy, but it is achievable with a little willpower and focus.

So you make the commitment 

You decide that the time is right, and you’re going to knuckle down. You manage to maintain your enthusiasm past the first few weeks. Then you notice the improvements beginning to show; the pounds lost, the muscles tightened, the improved stamina, the general improvement in your mood. These benefits are enough to keep you going. 

Weeks pass. Then months. And eventually, you’ve reached the metaphorical summit: you have accepted exercise into your life, and you’re now a committed fan. 

As well as all the benefits you will experience if you make the transition from fitness-avoider to fitness-lover, you might also find yourself engaging in a number of thoughts and behaviors you’d never imagined you’d experience. If you’re a latecomer to fitness who is now a dedicated fan, you might recognize the following… 

1) You find yourself disappointed when you have to cancel exercise time

When you first started exercising, you probably seized on any excuse not to do it. Your friend needed you to run an errand for them? Had to catsit for your neighbor? Your plants needed watering? All of these and more would be prioritized over exercise, because you didn’t really want to exercise. 

Now you’ve transformed into a fitness fanatic, life couldn’t be more different. You now actively dislike the idea of having to cancel your plans to workout; you now avoid the distractions, turning completely 180 from your previous behavior. It’s an outstanding change that can feel quite alien at first, but it’s definitely a very good sign. 

2) You’re more interested in the educational side of fitness

As you become more committed to your fitness regime, you find yourself starting to become curious about the science behind working out. Rather than scanning through newspapers and blogs online, you find yourself drawn to information regarding the benefits of short, high-intensity workouts, or medical studies on the prevention of bone spurs. 

This is entirely natural; you essentially have a new hobby, and even when you’re not working out, you’re going to have fitness on your mind. The great thing is that all this studying can be leveraged to help you meet your fitness goals more efficiently, as well as providing you with some mental stimulation to go along with the physical exertion. 

3) You want to share your newfound love with everyone

When humans enjoy something, we tend to want to share the good news and encourage others to try it. It’s our way of trying to spread positivity, as well as find friends and family members to share our interest with. Even if you try not to, you’ll soon find yourself extolling the benefits of exercise at any given opportunity. 

For some people, this need to spread the word about their new passion becomes overwhelming, and they begin to think about discussing the matter with the general populace too. You may find yourself wanting to start a blog or Instagram account to discuss fitness, or perhaps even contemplating the fact that it's never too late to become a personal trainer, and seriously contemplating a change in your career. All of these changes are completely natural, and you never know, such enthusiasm to share might lead to exciting opportunities in the future. 

4) You begin to buy dedicated fitness clothes

Once, gym clothes were whatever you had available-- an old t-shirt and a pair of trainers that had seen better days. As you become more committed to your fitness lifestyle, you will find that these basics are no longer sufficient. 

It’s likely that you will eventually cave and treat yourself to some dedicated fitness clothes. There’s absolutely no harm in this. For one thing, you’ll be more comfortable when working out -- dedicated fitness clothes tend to be made of more breathable, comfortable fabrics -- and it’s also a way of rewarding yourself for your hard work. While it’s inadvisable to spend a small fortune, there’s nothing wrong with investing in workout clothes that feel comfortable and easier to move in. 

5) You become accustomed to aches and pains

Unless you are blessed with incredible genetics or outright good luck, it’s rarely possible to commit to an exercise regime without sustaining an injury or six. Whether it’s rashes caused by sweat or a swollen ankle due to a little too much time on the treadmill, physical discomfort is all part of the fitness package. 

What may surprise you is just how easily you take these injuries in your stride. Rather than being distressed and wanting to quit your workouts forever, you just do what you need to do to feel comfortable, and then continue on with your life. The reason this happens is simple: yes, you’re seeing the occasional downside from your new exercise regime, but you’re seeing too many upsides for a small setback to change your mind about how beneficial exercise can be. 

It is worth noting that if you are in severe discomfort due to exercise issues or injuries, then you should take a break to let yourself heal. It’s unwise to carry on regardless of the problems you are experiencing, and a few days break will at least help to keep you fresh for your triumphant workout return when you’re all healed.

6) You get bored quickly

This issue is one of the less enjoyable parts of becoming a dedicated fan of fitness, but it happens to a huge number of people, so it’s worth discussing. When you exercise regularly, you run the risk of becoming bored by the routine you have developed. As you are doing the same routine constantly, potentially for months on end, the potential for a drop in excitement is inevitable. Before you committed yourself to fitness, you didn’t have the chance to get bored by your routine because you simply weren’t doing it enough. Now you are, and your regime is thus running the risk of feeling dull. 

This issue is why you should always change your fitness regime frequently. Try a new class or a new discipline; something totally different from what you have done before. This helps to expand your horizons in terms of fitness and, more importantly, keep you from feeling bored to the point of not wanting to workout. There are literally thousands of different exercise classes and sports you can try to keep your interest levels peaked, so don’t tolerate a boring exercise regime: change frequently whenever you feel the need for something new. 

In conclusion

Ultimately, the switch from fitness-naysaying to fitness-aficionado is a strange, disconcerting, and overwhelmingly good one. You’ve made the leap and now you can enjoy life on the other side. 


  1. I totally get it about missing a workout. When it becomes a regular part of your routine, you get used to that workout high....

  2. I go through stages of working out. Hard to get back. Once there feels good

  3. I struggle with wanting to live with aches and pains. To me that doesn't sound like a high quality of life. However, I am very aware that I need to MOVE. Ineed to muster up some willpower and go!

  4. I am working out a little more now and I admit I get a little excited to talk about what's working for me when others ask. Finding something that works for you is a must and it will help you stick to it a little longer if you enjoy.

  5. I make myself jog on a daily basis, and I wish I could say I've started to love it, but it would be a lie. I do not enjoy working out and I have the ugliest workout clothes because I refuse to spend money on something I detest. On the plus, I am glad that working out allows me to fit into my jeans so I don't have to buy new ones.

  6. I kicked my health into high gear last year with food and am just starting to really tackle working out as well. I needed to get me some work out clothes that I could wear all day, I found myself needing the ease of getting to it whenever time was available instead of having to change. It sounds weird but has helped me stay on my exercise goals a lot more.

  7. It sounds like you are getting really into your workouts and that it is doing you the world of good. Though those pesky pains could go away ;)

  8. Those floral leggings are so cute! I need to get a little more serious about my fitness.

  9. You're really going to feel the changes in your life and your attitude once you get used to your fitness plan. I agree with everything that you mentioned here!

  10. It's funny that I read this today. About 2 hours ago, I went for a 3 mile walk around my neighborhood and I feel amazing. As soon as I got home, I told my husband that I want to do it again tomorrow. I suffer from anxiety and hope that the change in my diet and the exercise will help me overcome it!

  11. Its true! Once you get going it's easier to keep up the routine. I do love being active!

  12. This is so true! And I let all of this go when I stopped workin you ton the reg at the end of last year. It's high time I get back in my program!!

  13. It's so important to take care of yourself. Exercise helps with so much and helps you clear your mind!

  14. Fitness is an addictive process. Once you are hooked, it becomes a way of life and works quite a transformation, just like how you have described.

  15. This is such a great post of encouragement for me. I was on such a good path, and then some how lost my way.

  16. I definitely agree about the educational aspect. I learned a lot more about the human body when I got more into my physical fitness.

  17. I feel like this was the intervention I need. I keep talking about needing to start working out. But I've not actually done anything.

  18. Babushka is too pooped to party- or exercise. That being said, BB realizes her lack of exercise is what keeps her that way. Will start 15 mins a day walking, if not for self, then for The Grands. Gracias for the reminder. BB2U

  19. I know my sister can definitely testify to this I am not there yet but I need this has to change for sure


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