Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Fall Foliage

We love  having long weekends because we get to go somwhere.  School is fun but without an intermission to  break the daily routine, it can be boring sometimes.  So  whenever we have long weekends, we try to  take them  even on a short road trip.  I can't say that Fall is my favorite  season  but I do enjoy  a beautiful Fall foliage so whenever possible, a road trip is needed for us to unwind and relax even for just a day.   Photos were  taken on a moving vehicle so they're not great shots but still worth capturing.  The first few pictures are from Weirton, WV.
The rest of the photos were taken at the  Ohio side. 
It would be so beautiful if the leaves would stay altogether  for few weeks but the problem is when there is a heavy wind during the fall, it takes some of the leaves down and the bare tree  makes it dreary looking.
If I have a  huge farm, I would plant trees  that  changes its leaves into beautiful  colors during the fall, it would be so pretty to look at.  Maple and Ginko trees are beautiful in the Fall, they do light up  the nature when they turn to red and yellow or orange colors.  How about you, do you live in a place where Fall foliage is a sight to see?  Share with us some places that are beautiful in the Fall.

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  1. I just love the season of Autumn up to Winter. I enjoy looking at those beautiful changing colors of the foliage. Reminds me of the time my hubby and I got lost driving at the backroads of Pennsylvania. :)


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