Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Music Instrument for Christmas

 My husband and I went to the store to get  the   thing that my son wants for his birthday but  it was no longer available.  So now, we are trying to find  one online.  His borthday isn't until next month but we want to get it now while it's on sale, unfortunately it was gone.  I originally planned on getting him a guitar  but changed my mind.  If we can't find the thing that he wants, I might fo back to my original plan.  
Meanwhile, I am almost done wrapping gifts.  I am just waiting for some of the stuff I ordered online to arrive so I can finish  wrapping before the kids  gets off from school for Christmas break.  I only have 3 days left.  I have secured my daughter's gift, wrapped it and  hid it for now.  I don't want her to see it until Christmas day.  We got her  the violin that she is wishing for.   There's no need for raven mti since I haven't gotten my son's music instrument.
I got my son a desk and chair for Christmas because he doesn't have one in his room.  I have to return the chair though because it wasn't  the one I envisioned it to be.  We might make another trip to Office max for his chair.  I still have to put ribbon on that big box but I tell you, this big boxes consumed so much wrappers lol.

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