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8 Reasons to Take Your Kids Camping

Camping with kids is a lot of work. When considering taking your kids camping, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the idea and decide to do something else. Particularly with younger kids, camping can seem like the opposite of a vacation. Fortunately, not only are there health benefits of camping, but there are plenty of other rewards from taking your kids camping that make the effort well worth it. The following will introduce you to 8 reasons to take your kids camping.
Reason #1: Camping gets your Kids Away from the Screen
It seems like many kids beg for more and more time in front of the screen; whether it be the television, the computer, the tablet or your phone. It can be easier to give in at times than to battle with them. When you are camping, there is usually no internet access. And if by chance there is, you can set a no screens rule when spending time outdoors. There may be some complaints initially but it will catch on and the kids will stop asking. And they will learn to become engaged in the other activities that are available.
Reason #2: Camping Introduces your Kids to New Experiences
Camping means sleeping in a tent, cooking outside on a camping stove, building a campfire, and often roasting marshmallows. These are not experiences we would typically have at home. You may eat different foods when you camp and spend time in different surroundings. Depending on where you camp, it may include hiking or some time in a river or lake.
Reason #3: Your Kids are Active while Camping
There are significant health benefits of camping. Even for the most sedentary of people, when camping you will have to be somewhat active. There is usually a walk to everything; whether it is the bathroom or a sink to wash dishes. You will have to set up your campsite and the kids will be helping. And if you are staying at a campground they may meet other kids to play with which will keep them busy and running around.
Reason #4: You can Build Family Memories with your Children
Your kids will remember these camping trips and will bring up memories from them for years to come. You don’t have to do anything particularly special on the trip; the experience of camping will be enough. My kids never bring up the big planned adventures. It is the simple stuff and the mishaps that they remember and reminisce about later.

Reason #5: Camping helps to Foster a Love of the Outdoors
I am delighted when I hear my son say he loves the “smell of outside” or that he can’t wait to go camping. His time outdoors not only introduced him to the wonders of nature, but allowed his appreciation of it to flourish.

Reason #6: Camping helps Kids to Develop New Skills
Camping is an opportunity to teach kids how to build a campfire, or how to cook with an outdoor camp stove. The will help set up the tent and ultimately learn how to do it themselves. Obtain a camping guide and walk your kids through the different activities that go into setting up camp. Camping offers many opportunities for kids to learn something new and develop skills that they may not have had the chance to otherwise. Gaining these skills will lead to kids building their confidence.
Reason #7: Camping is great for Imagination
Spending time outdoors is great for kids’ imagination. Sticks become sorts and trees and rocks become forts. Kids’ creativity tends to come out when spending some time outdoors.

Reason #8: Enjoy One Another with Fewer Distractions
When camping, you will find there are fewer distractions than there are in life outside of the wilderness. Not only is it a time for no television or computer, often even your phone won’t work. It seems many jobs now come with an expectation that employees will work even when they are not in the office. Being outdoors makes this difficult if not impossible, giving you a real break and allowing you to focus on your children. For their part, without the option of television, movies or video games, kids will be more open to other activities and to spending time with their family.

There are plenty of reasons to take kids camping; while it may seem like a huge effort to get going, it is likely you will find it worth the effort. Please share your reasons to take your kids camping.


  1. Hi sis! I see you and your kids on FB from time to time and I must say you have a really lovely and talented kids! I'd love to take my son to camping someday too, when he's a little older. :)

  2. Camping is really good for kids. It teaches them how to be independent. I admittedly am not good with camping. I guess it's the idea of not having what you're used to.

  3. Awesome! My son has autism and I usually find it hard to get him off the screen. Camping is a great idea. Thanks.

  4. You reasons are great and must be followed by other families, but it's according to their financial resources. The number 1 reason is camping gets your kids away from the screen.

  5. I plan of taking Jamie to one along with my friends when he's bigger and confident enough with his steps; he's just learning to walk on his own at the moment.

  6. It is true with all the tips you provided here, it will help us introduce the wonder of the nature without any help of a modern technology, more peaceful in mind and soul

  7. This reminds me of scout camping. Indeed, there are so many things they can learn out from camping much more if you expose them to such alone with other people.

  8. I used to love camping (though not in the great outdoors hehehe). I would camp with my siblings in our backyard while we were growing up. We had big "aratiles" tree in our backyard that we use to hang our hammock and tie our tent with. Of course, our parents would check on us every now and then as we used flashlights for make-shift light. Nope, we didn't use bonfire. That would be too much. But it was fun!

  9. We have been invited numerous times but our friends who always go camping on school holidays. We are now saving up money to buy camping stuff and looking forward to going to one. Exciting!

  10. Taking my kids came across my mind ever since I had Twinkle but I think she's still too young to take camping. Backyard camping na lang muna..hehee

  11. These are the very reasons why I want to take my children on a camping trip.


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