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5 Long Weekend Getaway Ideas in the U.K. for the Whole Family

Spending weekends with the family is already something to look forward to. However, if you’re looking for ways to spice things up a bit, then taking the rest of the gang to a long weekend getaway is your best option.

In case you’re struggling with ideas, here are 5 of the most exciting and unique experiences you can give your family for their short vacation.

1. Tarzan adventure

If your family is on the hunt for an adventure, then you shouldn’t miss Go Ape in your list. It’s available in 30 different parks and forests in the UK, which means you can book in a location near you or go the extra mile and take the farthest one from your home. Aside from sleeping in campsites, the place also offers zip wires and the thrill of swinging through trees. There’s also zip trekking and a lot of other outdoor adventures, particularly for the kids.
There’s no time limit for the activities, which means you and your family can go at your own pace. In case you’re worrying about your kids’ safety, there are trained instructors around the area that can orient them beforehand.

2. Safari Experience

You can get the Safari experience straight from the UK in The Elephant Lodge in Kent. You can take your kids to watch elephants as well as cheetahs. There’s even a new Dinosaur Forest where your family can enjoy watching the bears.

The tents in the area don’t have full cooking facilities so it’s best if you can bring your electric cool boxes for camping with you. You can load it up with snacks so you won’t have to buy from nearby restaurants. In case you don’t have one yet, you can search online for the best electric cooler reviews so you can get a better idea of your choices.

3. The Farm Life

The Beechenhill Farm is an organic farm that offers good food and quality service. The business is family-run and they allow kids to feed their chickens. Aside from cow-watching, you can also buy organic milk from their dairy farm.

4. Bandwagon

In Somerset, you’ll be able to find a genuine place to stay inside restored gypsy bow-top wagons. Each wagon can accommodate a family of four with the opportunity to visit historical places around the area. There are also donkeys, sheep and chickens that can keep your kids entertained during your stay. Renting the wagons include a day tent, wood burner and some cooking equipment.

5. Treehouse

If you have ever wanted to sleep in a tree house or have your kids experience it, then bringing the whole family to the tree houses in Powys, Wales is a great idea. The place has six different tree houses which are all located in the Welsh mountains.
Although this getaway isn’t really that cheap, the experience your family will get from it is priceless, particularly since it’s an experience away from technology and the busy life of the city.


  1. wow :) how I wish I could visit UK too..maybe someday..your list seems fun and exciting

  2. These getaway ideas are really exciting in Uk but I always remain here inside my loving home. Traveling and vacationing in other places...locally, and maybe someday in UK??

  3. Love these weekend getaway ideas. Maybe I can find something similar here since going to UK appears to be out-of-the-question as of this time.

  4. London is one of my bucket list Sis. I hope someday my feet can step on their ground. These are fun tips to explore.

  5. I've never been into this country, but now that you mentioned about how amazing to spend a family vacation there, would definitely include this country and the places mentioned in our bucket list.

  6. Thanks for the tips. I haven't visited UK yet but it's in my bucket list. UK offers plenty of activities for families to enjoy. I'd probably do the country/farm type of adventure. I've always wanted to have a farm and be a farmer or shepherd girl hahaha

  7. This is really a good and very detailed post. We already went to The Elephant Lodge in Kent and our adventure there is the most memorable trip we had for the past 5 years. My son loved the Dinosaur Forest. And yes, we did a little picnic there so we brought our own cooler boxes of food.:)

  8. WOW! Uk is one of dream destinations for a family getaway! I hope we can go there someday.

  9. Only if those are available in the country, sure I have had done it for my son. But nonetheless, there are similar places we can opt in so nothing to worry. On the other hand, I definitely agree on the places and activities you have pointed out here. Sure kids would love it!

  10. I have worked locally for a British company and have always been awed with their tales. Hence it has been one of my dreams to visit the UK while am still able to walk straight :F

  11. The UK is #1 on my bucket list. I dream of going there with my boys one day. I sure hope we can do all these when we get there.


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