Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Amish Way of LIving.

It's been a year since we went to  the Amish community.  It's was a  new experience for all of us.  We visited the very old Amish house  and it has  all the old  things that Amish people have been using for years.  
 Our trip there  took me back to my childhood, their way of living kind of remind me of how we  were raised  back then.  Most of the stuff that we have  back then are basic  things that we uses.  We didn't have electric so we pretty much  live like the Amish people.
 This home that we visited is called the John Yoder Home.  The  old Amish guy told us that it  has been transferred there for preservation but everything  in that house is original.
 Amish people are very friendly.  At least  from what we have  expereinced out there.
I would like to  go back there someday.  

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