Friday, March 4, 2016

How To Plan Your Family's First Camping Trip

For some people, the idea of a family camping trip is the ultimate weekend. You can spend your days in the great outdoors, and enjoy the beauty of nature. You’ll spend some time with kids, reconnect with old friends, and introduce them to the fun of camping. However, it won’t always go smoothly. The kids might get bored or fed up; remember, camping isn’t for everyone! However, we’ve done our fair share of family outdoors trips, and we know how to make it a success. In this post, we’ll show you some tricks and tips that have always worked for us.

Start with a short trip

If it’s the children’s first ever camping trip, our advice is to start small. Taking them on a week-long adventure isn’t always the best way to get started. Our advice is take a simple weekend, not too far from home. Let them get used to the idea of sleeping in a tent, and being in the outdoors. If they love it, then you can always plan another longer trip for the future. However, if it all proves to be too much, at least there’s only a couple of days to get through!

Take an RV instead

Here’s one idea to make things a little easier for the first time camper. Instead of taking a tent and sleeping bags, take a travel trailer instead. Let’s face it, when you start getting wet and cold in a tent, your mood goes downhill quickly. However, you’re guaranteed to keep the family warm and dry if you stick to a solid structure! Don’t worry, it’s not cheating! In fact, it’s a much better way to come prepared. You’ll have access to a full kitchen, and all the essentials, which makes things a little easier.

Come prepared

The most important tip of all is to come prepared. Trust us, you can never pack too much when it comes to family camping. You can never predict what the great outdoors will throw at you. You might encounter torrential rain or thunderstorms, so bring plenty of warm, dry clothing. Bring tools and equipment for fire starting, cooking, and cleaning. Bring a torch and plenty of batteries. Take a first-aid kit, and a rechargeable phone for emergencies. Don’t leave anything to chance.

Plan some activities

It’s a good idea to plan some extra activities for your time on the campsite. There are typically lots of things to do in the surrounding areas. A long hike in the woods is always a great way for the kids to let their energy out. You could introduce them to fishing for the first time, or even try a little kayaking. Don’t regiment the day too much, and let things unfold naturally. But it is worth having a few ideas in place.

All that’s left to do is light the campfire, and enjoy yourself! Take plenty of snacks and food, and tell stories under the night sky. If you follow all these tips, you should come home with some fantastic experiences, and some great stories.

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