Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Saving through Checkout51 App

I redeemed the  savings I have from Checkout51.  When I started using their app, they still offer   paypal redemption but lately, it's only available by check.  $35 savings  is awe$ome especially that I used it mostly by buying veggies and fruits every week.  I also like their  offers for  cleaning materials and other things that we usually need at home.  If you want to check this app, it wuld surely give you savings in buying things that you normally buy in regular price.  
We  deposited it to our savings towards the next school year for the kids.  We start saving  for the next  school year's tuition fee  at the start of the year so that when it's time to enrol the kids, we  just write the check and be done with it.  


  1. That's one great way to save money for your kid's education, though little but it helps a lot.

  2. It's good that you get to save money while buying groceries. There's nothing better than saving for their future.

  3. That's awesome Sis. I am loving the way you start savings for your kids tuition for the next year, that way you save more money.


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