Thursday, July 30, 2015

Being the Best Pet Owner You Can Be

Being a pet owner is not as easy as it may look in a movie as being a good pet owner takes quite a lot of work. Many people buy a pet without knowing the full responsibility of the choice that they are about to make. They are certain things that only pet owners might know about taking care of their dog or cat. The following are some tips that will help you become the best pet owner possible from the beginning of your pet’s life.

Be Careful What You Feed Them

There are many things that dogs and cats cannot eat as they are poisonous but are perfectly healthy for humans. Looking up foods for pet safety such as avocados for dogs or even Tylenol for cats is necessary as these can be life threatening if consumed by your pet. Limit the table scraps that you feed your pet as this can make their stomachs uneasy. The best bet for your dog is freeze dried raw dog food as it is natural and does not spoil easily and can be prepared with just a bit of water. The best things for your pets are natural foods as preservatives are harmful in pets just as they are in humans.

Exercise is Paramount

There are some breeds of dog that need much more exercise than others. Some dogs like English Bulldogs would rather be lazy on the couch as they are not high energy pets. Dogs like Siberian Huskies need copious amounts of exercise as many bloodlines of the dog have been used as sled dogs. Exercising your dog will lead to better behavior and can save your home from being destroyed by an over energetic dog that is bored. Taking your dog to a dog park will help them get out that excess energy while also socializing your dog to be around other dogs of different sizes.

Baths Are HARD but Necessary

Giving your dog a bath is something that you will have to do and neither of you are going to enjoy it. The key to bathing a dog is to give them baths when they are a puppy so they are used to it. Many dogs are frightened of taking a bath and this may lead them to scratch or even nip at you. Giving your dog a bath is something that you will have to do quite a lot especially if your dog loves rolling around in the dirt. This will help their coat but there are also some dietary things that can be done to help them have a healthy coat. Puppy shampoo is recommended as the chemicals in other cleaning products can be harmful to your young dog.

Watching For Changes In Behavior

Your dog or cat will mature after their puppy years but it is still important to look for changes in behavior. Even the slightest sign of lethargy can be a sign of something much more as far as health problems go. Paying close attention to your dog’s can end up saving their life or make their quality of life better. For example, many people think a dog dragging its behind on the floor is humorous but this is a sign of having worms. Your pet cannot speak so looking for different signs is more than important. Educating yourself on these changes in behavior is also important so you can decipher what behavior indicates something serious versus something benign.

As you can see there are a myriad of things to do when having a pet. Not all people are meant to be pet owners as they lack the discipline and responsibility to be one. These tips do not cover even half of the things that have to be done when owning a pet but they are a great place to start. Having a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a person’s life as pets are considered a part of the family. Treat your pets kindly and you won’t regret it!​

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