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Social Media Can Spoil Your Social Life

If you are looking for a site that is very interesting and at the same time, somewhere where you can express what you feel, then, don’t look any further because the answer to your question, none other than is a site that is basically had discussions and debates. Here you will find the freedom to express what is on your mind and you can shout it out with the users of the site. You can discuss, you may state your own opinions as well as you can make your decision here. It encourages you to become natural and an expressive person. Through this you can write whatever you like whether it is agreeable or disagreeable.

One of the interesting discussion in is the “Social Media Can Spoil Your Social Life”. There are already a lot of comments regarding the issue. Some do agree but some are in contrast.

Technology has been tremendously evolving as the years pass by. It is true that technology brought light and convenience to the people but then there will always be the occurrence of unexpected flosses. No person is considered perfect as well as with technology. Technology has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Technology brings fun and excitement especially when the Social Media Networks came in possible. The people had embraced it fully and accepted it like it was the greatest gift that they ever received. Social media is very useful since it helps people in far places to connect and interact with their loved ones without spending a lot of money for air fare. You are socializing with diverse people and you are opting to learn something new regarding culture and traditions.

But then social media is also impacted with negativities and can really spoil social life. Why do they say so? Yes! Social media really connects you with people but then it is the one that is disconnecting your thought to the real people that surrounds you. You are beginning to leave the world of reality and you are more referring more of the virtual world.

It is one of the factors that bring stress to a lot of people especially with teenagers. Teenagers now tend to forget their real friends and sometimes it is the cause of unhealthy lifestyle. The more you stick with your computer and the more you use it, there will come a time you be forgetting on how to live your life in a normal way.

You cannot hide the fact that millions and millions of people now are into social media networks. Even if you are against this, you cannot remove to the people what they feel whenever they are using it. They see it as a fun and enjoyable thing to do.

The bottom line of this discussion is that nothing in the world will be negative if you know how to handle and manage a certain innovation in the right proper way. Just like social media, if you know your limits in using this mode of communication, then you are considered as a good user. You are maintaining a good lifestyle and especially you are not forgetting the real people that surround you. Love your life more!


  1. Good site for discussions, all I can say is that balance and time management in dealing with social media.

  2. That's true, social media can really be time consuming and can impact our social life.

  3. In ways it does. It's making our world very small and infringing on our private lives. I know we can change settings but I still want to actually go out, meet my family and friends and chit chat in some cafes catching up the real conventional way. Socialization for this young generation is way, way, too lazy. My own 2 cents.

  4. It all depends on a person to devote her/his time personally. Really it can ruin socially, but social media is the system nowadays and in the future.

  5. It all depends on a person to devote her/his time personally. Really it can ruin socially, but social media is the system nowadays and in the future.

  6. I never tried that forum must be interesting to join...

  7. Social media has its pros and cons but it is evident that if not used properly, it can surely destroy a part of your life. Use social media wisely guys! ^_^

  8. Social Medias are public you have to make sure that you are very careful on what to share to world :-) It does help our blog a lot though :-) There is a cons and pro :-)

  9. I have been joining forums especially when it comes to computer issues. Sometimes we forget that the Internet is public. It is always the user discretion when using social media.

  10. It felt like my social life is the social media. It is probably because most of my friends are from the Philippines, and only a few here in the US.

  11. Social media sites are a good way to connect with family and friends, but users of these sites should also know their limits, know what and what not to share with the public and discern what and what not to say for their own safety.

  12. Technology has made life easier for all of us. However, with social media, I guess moderation is the key. Use it to stay connected with family and friends, to advertise your business and to read about opinions. Moderation is the key.


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