Saturday, March 1, 2014

Personal Injury

During weekends, hubby and I love watching  Investigation Discovery channel on TV.  It is a tv series that features documentary style programming  dealing with true crime  subjects.  Today, one of the cases  we watched was  about this  rich  personal injury lawyer who mysteriously vanished and later on found  buried in a vineyard.  The wife later on confessed of killing  her husband  and she committed  suicide inside the  correctional after the conviction.  History like this is very sad, the greed of money always cost life/s.

On the other note, if you ever need a personal injury lawyer, you might want to check out first  for their  options.  It is good to know that if you win a settlement money for a personal injury  case, that money is not taxable.  You can also claim your legal fees as deductible when you  file your taxes.  Community Legal services also includes family-matter cases and bankruptcy.  When it comes to legal matters like the ones I mentioned, it is best to  seek  the advise and help of professionals who  really help people who are in need.

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  1. it's always good to have a reliable personal injury lawyer.

    san galing info graphic opps mo sis...:)


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