Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh PA

Even with our GPS, we sometimes get lost when we have to go somewhere that is new to us. We have never been to Carnegie Science Center before so with our luck has it, our GPS took us to a different route and we missed our exit wahhh. But, being lost is not bad as we get to see different views. As my husband navigates to the right track, I kept myself busy taking photos. Here is another side of Pittsburgh that we have never been to until yesterday.
The Carnegie Science Center is  located in the Chateau neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which was opened in 1991. I hope you enjoy this short tour.


  1. Oh yes, sometimes "getting lost" is not that annoying especially if we see something unexpectedly new to us.

  2. the couple pictures shows like a stadium, sometimes being lost is not a bad idea as long as you have a way to navigate the right way, it will lead you to new place and next time you'll find out and eventually know that places because of what happened.

  3. The bridge looks really scenic at Pittsburgh.

  4. A science center indeed with lots of structures and of course, getting lost sometimes gives a positive result and a way to discover new things.

  5. I often get lost on purpose to discover new things...hihi, it's not always bad...


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