Saturday, January 25, 2014

Open seas or land?

Are you a cruiser or a land lover? Or maybe you’re not taken on the idea of cruising yet, and are open to a little persuasion.
Well, a little persuasion could take the form of cost. These days you can easily pick up a cruise with flights and additional extras, such as parking, for a bargain price tag. This isn’t simply limited to large airports either, as you can pick up flights and parking facilities, such as Glasgow Airport parking, for those flying from north of the border, for a much lower price than you might think.

When you consider the sights you’ll see, the various countries you’ll visit, and all within a short time scale, you’ll realize the price tag is more than worth it, and just why more and more people are choosing to cruise as an alternative to two weeks in one place.

Cruise-liners these days are mini holiday villages on water, and with food and most drink included, you’ll want for nothing. Excursions can be arranged through your cruise company for the shore destinations you’ll visit however, I’d consider looking into independent companies, try and save a little money. Keeping pennies in your pocket is the way forward, and will give you more to spend whilst you’re shopping and sightseeing at your itinerary destinations. Saving money on airport extras will also keep money in your pocket, such as airport parking like we were discussing before. Regional airports offer this too, such as Bristol Airport parking, as well as major ones, so saving money on these little extras, as well as shore excursions, will mean more enjoyment for you. After all, that’s what holidays are about!

I guess what you have to weigh up is whether you prefer to spend a longer period of time in one place, truly exploring and finding everything it has to offer, or whether you want bite-sized chunks of more places, and I believe that is a truly personal decision. Of course, you can’t make an informed choice until you’ve tried both, so maybe taking advantage of the low cost of cruises, and possibly go for one week instead of two, to try it out, would be an ideal way to find out which camp of preference you belong to.

Land-based holidays can be found in abundance, and deals are out there if you look hard enough. Out of school holidays is the best time to go for those that don’t need to stick to prescribed times, because this is when flight prices will be cheaper. For those with children, October is a good time to grab an all inclusive bargain, and the same can be said for cruise deals, however the weather may not be as guaranteed at this time, and could be slightly hit and miss.

It’s all a case of weighing up the pros and cons, and finding an itinerary that excites you enough to give it a go. So many people can’t be wrong, so maybe try a cruise for a change this year, and decide whether you truly are an open seas kind of person, or like your feet firmly on dry land.

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