Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Memories of Christmas

Last shots before taking out our Christmas  decors.

We kept this magazine Christmas trees because it's part of our 2013 celebration.  This will be used for years to come for sure.  I can still remember when  we first celebrate Christmas at our own home, we barely have any Christmas decor.  From then on, memories  build up.  Every year, we find something new and then it adds up.  The kids also makes   Christmas decors every year so  this would be a family treasure, memory treasure that is.


  1. wow hon, you're gonna be very busy eh...

    Yeah, I agree when it comes to food, its not advisable to buy in bulk especially those perishable ones...

  2. Bulk purchases is also advantageous with business owners...

  3. you are right, that is why we stopped buying in bulk since there are only three of us , plus jake doesn't eat that much :-)

  4. That's right Ate Cecille! You would think that you save some bucks but in reality if the commodities spoil, you actually lost it..

  5. So true. It can be reusable - or you can just put it somewhere else as an ornament design or so dba.. PS (may typo ka ata sis 213 - 2013 ata) :)

  6. I'm sure, you had a wonderful Christmas celebration together :)

  7. this is a very incredible craft and reusable magazine too

  8. Oh Christmas is Over. The magazine Christmas Tree looks really cool.

  9. I tend to accumulate christmas decors too. every year, I would resolve to buy just a few decors to replace the older ones, but I end up buying more! those magazine trees are cool. I will do that next christmas season!


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