Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Love-Month #Valentine's Day #Swarovski Roses

Love month is coming up and I am sure that some of you have plans already.  Okay', let's do a little confession here.  Did you ever receive a gift that makes you  think for a while, what was he or she thinking?  Or was it the opposite, a jaw-dropping  gifts that would leave you in awe.
Who among you received:

  • Flowers and chocolates;
  • Set of jewelry;
  • A dress;
  • A gadget;
  • Valentine's Lingerie
  • Gift Card
  • Concert ticket
Or any other things that isn't listed.  I am sure that different individuals have different ideas so you are so welcome to express your thoughts through the comment.  Let me share you this  cute little Swarovski roses that my husband sent me when we were still  dating, well online dating to be specific.  This is some of those memorabilia of our journey that I brought with me when I came here in the US.  This would always remind me of our beginning.  
This year will be our 11th year of  being married and I am so glad that I gave  online dating a try.  We sure met some hiccups along the way but the love that we developed  for each other makes us stronger and held on  when the time was rough and we are far apart.  It is so nice to be able to wake up and see  my husband beside me.  To be able to see him everyday with our two precious children is a gift I will forever treasure!


  1. wow that is beautiful it looks so fragile

  2. Those are cute. My MIL would love those! Me, well I have two monsters, I mean, boys, who would probably break those :S

  3. you have such a beautiful family, i'm sure you'll be happier this coming days of hearts.

  4. I got my husband a pair of shoes for Valentine's day! Does it pass as sexy?! lol

  5. i love fresh roses but those swarovski roses are gorgeous and they last forever.

  6. Oh how sweet of your hubby sis. My dear hubby gave me a pink teddy bear that says be my valentine on the bear's chest. We were dating online by that time too.

  7. Time has gone by so quickly and before we know it it'll be Christmas again hehehhe. But before that of course LOVE month should come first.


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