Friday, November 22, 2013

Thank You World for your Support to the Filipino People!

It breaks my heart to see  the aftermath news about the victims of typhoon Haiyan.  It brings back  personal experience just like this  years ago when our town was  hit by the super typhoon Sisang and  swept away everything.  The only thing left  was the clothes in our bodies.  Everything  was gone, wiped away by tidal waves.  It hurts, it's painful but I am  grateful that the world cares and that they extend their helping hands to the Filipino people.

Thousands of lives were lost
Thousands of families are left homeless
Thousands  are struggling to come back up
But with all your help and prayers, 
we will get through, thanks you!

In behalf of the Filipino people, thank you all for  your continued support and prayers!

May God continue to bless us  all the strength that we need to start  over again.

To our kababayan back home, you are in our prayers!


  1. I have to agree! So many helped during this hard time for us in PH, and that's really something positive to think about. It's like worlds were brought together once again :) So most probably, we'll get through this in no time - it may not be the soonest but that will happen with the helping hands we're receiving everyday and the good people we meet :)

  2. amidst the chaos of this tragedy it is great to know that there are lots of people from around the globe willing to lend a helping hand.:)

  3. It's amazing how we do and can pull together at the toughest of times, it really restores my faith in humanity x

  4. It is great to know that there are still millions of people out there who would lend a hand to those in need, even if they live miles away. I hope, with time, life will go back to normal in the Philippines. Know that I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

    - Sofia

  5. It's comforting to see how many people lend their helping hand to those victims from the natural calamities. It only shows that everyone has a good heart to help out in their own ways. I'm praying for their endurance and strength in this trying times hard to deal with.

  6. I pray everyday that all the victims and their families are okay. I wish there was more than I can do.

  7. It is wonderful that the internet and social media make it possible for more people to learn about this tragedy and to reach out to help.

  8. I can't stop my tears from falling seeing the children suffering mostly... glad that the world is there to care for those people who needs their helped and i am very glad that everyone gets as one in times of this. only shows that we are human and we have hearts inspite of the battling with economics they have..

  9. It is really heartbreaking and every time I read the news, I would cry. I have already sent a little of what I have and I know it has made some people happy. I just hope that there will be results and total rehabilitation of the places that have been hardest hit.

  10. Thank you, world! I still worry about my family back home. They are slowly recovering from this nightmare, just like the rest of the victims. God Bless, Philippines and God Bless, everyone!

  11. Thanks to everyone that helps and it is also my prayer that each dime sent for help will go to all those who are affected.

  12. Seeing the different countries helping the Philippines is really overwhelming. Thanks to everyone who helped our country.

  13. It is very much heartwarming that a lot of people are willing to help. My faith to humanity is restored.

  14. I think about the people in the Philippines constantly and wish that the country can heal and rebuild soon. I am glad to see so many people willing to help out but I do hope that people continue to help as it will take time to rebuild.


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