Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sea World, San Antonio Texas, a Sneak Peek

Just some of the  gazillion shots I took during our fun times at Sea World San Antonio , Texas.  Glad I have two beautiful models who were willing to pose for me.

My daughter really wanted to  ride on that high  ride, just looking at it makes me dizzy.  She certainly not afraid of heights at all, a total opposite of me.  She went on this ride, she's absolutely an adrenaline junkie unlike me who is a big  chicken lol.

This fella  here is amazing, he has a  wonderful balance.

I think of all the show at Sea World, this is one of my favorites as it involves so many cool  stunts.  This is just a sneak peek of Sea World's  beauty, more photos coming up, when time permits me.


  1. waahh! i'm having acrophobia attack right now.. lol! :D

  2. Your models are lovely. Thought I'm scare of height, I like to try that ride.

  3. wow!!! that roller coaster is tooo scary... great to visit on this amazing day.

  4. We have never too Sea World before and it would be nice to visit the place someday. I am no adrenaline junky kind of person and will never ride a roller coaster again after riding it three times. LOL! :) These two are adorable.


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