Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mother Nature has it All

While the weather still permits,  explore the woods and have some exercise.  It's one  of the many ways we can do to shed off those unwanted  pounds we have been storing. Nature has so many beautiful things to offer including  fresh air for a healthy body.  Mother Nature, if you think about it, has it all.

Photos were taken at Tomlinson Run State Park.


  1. such a wonderful place to breath-in fresh air,,,

  2. Love the outdoors. You make me want to take my kids on the trail park we used to go.

  3. It is too hot in Texas to go out on a stroll like you guys did.

  4. That's a perfect place to relax and feel the fresh air. I bet you really enjoy your time when you're there specially with the family.

  5. Lovely pictures <3 being out in nature has to be one of the best things :) x

  6. I love walking and hiking when the view is that pretty.

  7. What a beautiful place to walk and relax and just take in all that glorious nature has to offer. I bet that place is magnificent in the fall!

  8. It is always nice to be out of the house and take a little walk. The winter is nearing and there won't be much sunny days or beautiful days to be outside to walk and play so take advantage of it for sure. :) Lovely photos!

  9. Your place must be nice. It see that you and your family are always exploring the outdoors. I wish, my family does that too.

  10. I wish there's a park nearby where we could hike and go on a picnic..


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