Saturday, September 28, 2013


I am sure that for family's with  kids like ours,  monopoly would be popular.  This board game  is great in teaching kids about money, investment, and strategy.  My daughter is really good at this.  Not only that it's fun to  play this game but it  is also a great family bonding for the whole family.

How about you, do you play monopoly with your kids.  With all the board games we have at home, scrabble is my favorite.  


  1. monopoly game is fun, takes forever though but it gets interesting when everyone solds the property. i sucked on this game for i always go bankruptcy.

  2. i shamefully admit - i do not know how to play this game. my husband and my daughter play it, but not with me.

  3. How cute! I love monopoly! When I was a kid around 10 maybe 11 I made my own game called music monopoly lol :)

  4. i love monopoly it was my favorite game as a child

  5. We used to play Monopoly. I didn't used to know how to play the game, but the first time I played, I beat my husband and his cousin. hahaha.. That was fun! :) Wish we took our Monopoly game with us. It is a wonderful game to play.

  6. I love board games! Can't wait for my kids to grow bigger and play board games with me.


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