Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Celebrate Life

Go where you are celebrated not tolerated.
-Carrie Lee Shaw Troy-
One of the many photos I took when we visited Cleveland  on our daughter's 8th birthday.  Hubby and I  agreed to just  do a road trip instead of hosting a party for our  lovely darling.  We asked her if she likes the idea and she said yes.


  1. i think you decision of a road trip is much better. would love that too for my birthday.:)

  2. What a beautiful day to celebrate with your pretty girl Sis Rose
    :-) It has been awhile since we had our road trip :-)

  3. What a perfect day to spend the birthday of your pretty girl Sis Rose :-) Even the weather wants to join her special day as well :-)

  4. wow, that's nice that Cleaveland is closer to you sis. Those pipes must be from Coal factory?

  5. I would love that choice too, actually loved that parents gave me a choice what to do for my birthday like what you also did, i think only once i chose birthday party because i was curious what it was like ( when i was first year high school), after finding out what it was like, i would always choose intimate get-away with family and my best school friends ( no more than 4!). :) I always enjoyed trip with family, so I am sure your daughter did too, as it's always cool for kids to see and learn new places and things.


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