Friday, June 7, 2013

Family Fun Times

When my husband arrived yesterday, we  visited Dad  and  talked ti him fr about an hour.  He got cut on his leg and on his arm as he tried to  weed whack his  grass.  He can't really see good now but he doesn't want to just sit inside the house. He constantly go outside and work on his yard.  For  his age (almost 91), he is  doing pretty good.  
Anyway, when we were leaving, my daughter was showing his Pap  how she flexed her muscle so I took some photos using my  cellphone.


  1. Pretty pictures of your family, Rose. The children grow fast, don't they?,

  2. gorgeous pictures of the family

  3. Beautiful pictures thanks for sharing.

  4. Kids are so funny. My daughter loves posing for hte camera.

  5. How cute, love to hear that he is 91 and still getting outside. That is awesome!

  6. I love that your daughter is so camera-friendly. You get a lot of great pictures of your little model. :-)

  7. Poor guy, hope he's better now. That's how old folks love to do, cleaning the yard and beautifying it.

  8. My Mom is going to be 91 and is also very active--I doubt you can convince him not to weed whack his lawn-but maybe be more careful?

  9. Girl's got some muscles. I think she and my 8 yo daughter would get along well!

  10. I won a new weed whacker. I'm sorry your hubby cut hi,mself! I always love your pics and collages of your family.

  11. Lovely pictures!!! Hope your Dad is okay - it's awesome that he's still up and moving around at 91!


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