Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bathroom Renovation

When my husband  built a new  bathroom at our basement, he did not  hire  a plumber to cut cost.  He  doesn't like plumbing work nor has the   professional knowledge to   do it but he watched  videos online on how to do it.  Somehow, he  did not put the piping right so now it is causing problem.  He wants to  redo it again which  would mean that he has to  removed all the flooring from the shower room, poor hubby.  I am  not sure if he can do it alone but I have faith in him.  It would be better if we could afford  to hire the bathroom renovations west chester pa so he doesn't have to do it by himself.  

Part of me wants to keep our house but another part of me is agreeing to hubby's suggestion to just sell this one and find the one that doesn't have any repairing to do.  I  am just praying that this summer, our  Air conditioning unit won't  give us problem just like what happened last year.   If that happen, we might have to ask a professional like hvac west chester pa to do it  for us because  there is no way around it.  We were lucky  that we asked our neighbor's son to check on our aircon problem last year as he saved us   big bucks by showing us how to fix the problem.  Eventually though, will need to   buy a new unit since the one we have is getting so old.  

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