Friday, March 15, 2013

Fitness Facility

Yesterday, while we were waiting for the kids to get off from school, I accompanied my  husband to check out the new  fitness facility in the area.  Our treadmill broke down a couple of weeks ago and we can't buy a new  one just yet so my husband is looking for some alternatives   We received a promo ads  that would let us  try their facility  for only a buck for three weeks so we are looking into that.  My husband actually signed  up  a contract already so he is locked in for 1 and one half years.  There are fitness products for sale  at the said establishment as well such as Heart Rate Monitor Watches, energy drinks,  GYM clothes, and more.  My husband will be starting his work out  there  this coming Tuesday.  

I saw how much it will cost for me to sign up the same amount as he is and I thought of just spending  that money to buy me a new  treadmill.  I am not comfortable in working  out with  may people around anyway.   I am contented with the exercise machine that we have  left at our mini gym at home so I am set here.  In few more months, I would be able to  do my runs outside  around our neighborhood.   Keeping fit is  a challenge, it  requires motivation and  determination.  Hubby and I are determined to  stay fit because we are not getting any younger.  How about you, do you  exercise  regularly?


  1. Why would you be uncomfortable with other people at the gym? It can be a motivation for you to strive more.

  2. I think I got that $1 promo too. Gold's Gym, right? I've been their member for 2 years now. I'm taking yoga class and i love it.


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