Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Candies from Sarris

To help the school with it's annual fund raising, we sold some candies to our kind neighbors.  We got them before the Easter break and delivered it to them.  A big thanks to the  Howells', Fancher's, and to my FIL for always  purchasing  candies for the school fund raising!


  1. The egg shaped candies remind me of the chocolates in the Philippines. I'm glad you sold some candies!

  2. That chocolate melt a way egg looks good!! I am glad you were able to sell some for the fundraiser! That is not always easy!

  3. Oh my goodness the big egg on the left looks fantastic!

  4. I wish I were your neighbor, I would have definitely ordered.

  5. The meltaway egg really looks so good!

  6. how nice to have supporters like that...kami alang bumibili...wahehhe!

  7. Walang Easter candies dito sa Pinas... How I wish next year magkaroon.

  8. I just bought Easter candies after Easter, it's half off :)

  9. Love the foiled chocolate egg candy since my childhood, there's something eye-appealing to all those pastel colors of light blue, pink green and gold.


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