Monday, February 18, 2013


Whenever  I look at my kids now, I am amazed how fast they are growing.   I can still remember when I was getting so  anxious because I could not get  pregnant.  Hubby actually  researched for options on how  my body could  prepare to get pregnant.  He bought me some pre-pregnancy  vitamins and we also consulted my OB GYNe for the possible things that we could do for me to conceive. We were married   for almost  two years before I finally conceived  with my first one.  It was the most exciting  feeling I've had.  I did not think that I slept that night when I found out that I  finally got pregnant.

It's a great feeling when you are pregnant.  I think that  every woman feels every emotion there is.   It is  advantageous if you have some support group  and resources where you can gather  information about the things that you should know about pregnancy, parenting, and all that  aspects that affects of  being a parent.  Everyday Family is  one of the many resources online where you can find answers to questions that you may have  regarding pregnancy, parenting, and all about family.  So if you ever  have a question in mind and looking for some answers, check out the site through visiting the link I have provided above.  It's a community where you can meet other parents,  find some deals, and  find some helpful tips and advise.

I am so glad that God gave us two wonderful kids.  

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