Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We are planning our summer  getaway this summer.    We are considering to visit one of  my closest friends that met through blogging.  We initially thought of going for a road trip but we don't have an RV but then we thought of renting a van but scraped the idea again.  I have seen some used motorhomes for sale online and it reminds me when my  husband almost  buy the  motor home that  my FIL's neighbor was selling.  I opposed to the idea as we do not have  a place to park it.  I know that it would be nice to own one but  the fact that we live in a very busy street and that we do not have a big garage to  park it would be a problem.

Anyhow, there are RV Dealers who are giving   good discount  on used motor homes   If you are looking for one, you should check out the selection at Trade RV website.  They are an Australian based company  that has list of caravans, campertrailers, campervans, and motor homes for sale.  I love the mountain trail campers that they have, it would be a great one to have if you want to explore  during winter times.  

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  1. Totally gives me an fun idea how to spend this coming weekend with a blast and with my family.. Thanks!


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