Friday, February 22, 2013

Gun Safe

I was reading some updates on Facebook  and browsed upon the  updates that a friend of mine has posted.  It was about the  politician who   is a long time Anti-Gun Advocate who shot an intruder in his house.  I find it ironic that a Senator who is against  gun ownership actually owns a gun!  How about that!   I bet he owns more than one gun  and keep in his gun safe.    See I don't think gun is the problem of  violence these days.  The real problem  are the nut case individuals who thinks that killing  innocent people is  fun.  

With so much  bad things happening  in this world,  you have to think of how you can protect your family.  Having a gun at home isn't a bad thing at all as long as you know why you have it, which is for protection.  Hubby and I goes to my brother-in-law's  property   every summer and practices shooting.      We also  educate our kids the importance of knowing how to protect themselves  if  predators will come their way.  

One thing that  I want to get for my husband on our  tenth anniversary is a gun safe.  I hope that I can save for it.

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