Friday, February 22, 2013

Coupon Code

My daughter and I love watching the TV show, Chopped from Food Network channel.   We get to see talented chefs  from different backgrounds.  Some chef learn their talent in school and some just learn it from experience.   Some contestants works at  popular restaurants, some are  restaurants  owner and some own a catering services.  I am always interested to those  catering services owner as they offer different varieties of food to different customers.  I am sure that they uses  tableclothsfactory coupon code to buy the things that they need for every catering service they render.

When you own a business there are so many expenses  that needs to be addressed and  I am sure that you look for ways to  save money in buying the things you need.  Coupon codes  always helps to save money in buying the things you need.  Factory discounts are a great help for business owners.  Sometimes, I wonder how it is to own a restaurant or even just to  get a franchise such as Dairy Queen or McDonald.  Hubby once  inquired about  franchise and found out that  it's  very expensive to get one.  Venturing into a business requires   deep planning and preparation so it is always an advantage if you are  financially, physically, and mentally prepared for the challenge.

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  1. the husband dreams of franchising a gasoline shop haha. ---in his dreams only :)


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